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- H -

Haas, Jeff
Spin Degrees of Freedom Fiction, July/August 2006
Habbas, Corey
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2007
Habermeyer, Ryan
The Declassified Disney Corp® Performance Reviews of Osama bin Laden Humor and Satire, July/August 2018
Hackworth, Joe
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2002
Hadnot, Brianca
Faye, the Son, and the Holy Ghost Fiction, July/August 2020
Hall, John G.
Humphrey Poetry, January/February 2004
Hall, Kate
Hospital Girl Fiction, January/February 2006
Hall, Palmer
The Woman of My German Summer Essay, October 1996
Hallberg, Christy Alexander
Third Party Miscellany, October/November 2016
Night Music Fiction, October/November 2019
Halpern, Tal
Comrade Korolev Sends You Greetings from Mars Fiction, January/February 2016
Halpert, Jane
Found Art Poetry, April/May 2007
Hamilton, Ed
Goddamn Watermelon Fiction, July 1997
Hamilton, Mary
I am so into you Fiction, July/August 2008
Hamilton, William Reese
Flechado Travel, April/May 2007
Spotlight Author Travel, July/August 2007
Casiputo, the Woman that Is a Mountain Travel, October/November 2007
Sancocho by El Zorro Travel, January/February 2008
The Shamon of El Mamon Travel, July/August 2008
America, America: Snapshots from a Continent Travel, July/August 2008
The High Road to Chuao Travel, July/August 2008
Don Esteban Travel, October/November 2008
Tracks of the Tenderfoot Travel, January/February 2009
Slicing the Pizza Travel, April/May 2009
Saturday Morning Cartoons Travel, July/August 2009
Saints Preserve Us Travel, October/November 2009
Cambalache Travel, January/February 2010
Tumbando Travel, April/May 2010
Choroni Nights Travel, July/August 2010
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2010
Keepers of the Faith Travel, October/November 2010
One Man's Paradise is Another Man's Beer Travel, January/February 2011
El Gran Cacao Travel, April/May 2011
Skinny Girls' Caracas Night Out Travel, July/August 2011
Burriquitas Travel, January/February 2012
Ashes to Ashes We All Fall Down: a Novella Fiction, April/May 2013
Hall of Mirrors Fiction, January/February 2014
Smoke Fiction, January/February 2015
The Forgotten Spy of Choroni Travel, July/August 2015
Hamm, Christine
Getting Over Poetry, April/May 2002
Hamm, Justin
Home Again Fiction, April/May 2011
Hammond, Annalynn
Cool Grass Sigh Poetry, April/May 2003
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2004
Han, Joseph
This Is How You Make a Movie Fiction, October/November 2014
Han, William
The Department of Secrets Fiction, July/August 2010
The Onion and the Spider Fiction, January/February 2011
The Other Batman Fiction, January/February 2011
Taierzhuang: A Secret History Fiction, July/August 2020
Handel, Ruth D.
Four Poems Poetry, April/May 2014
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2014
Who's Listening Poetry, October/November 2016
Handley, Paul
Game Changers Humor and Satire, April/May 2016
Haney, Patricia
First Date Poetry, October/November 2019
Celestial Bodies Poetry, January/February 2020
Hanno, Jennifer
All of the Above Fiction, April/May 2016
Hansen, Alina
I Don't Remember Poetry, April/May 2019
Hansen, Betinna
An Interview with Christian Moerk Interview, October/November 2018
Hanson, John
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2001
Street Scene Poetry, April/May 2001
Hardin, Michael
Easter Morning: April 1, 2018 Poetry, July/August 2018
Hargrave, Sir John
An Interview with Sir John Hargrave Interview, April/May 2007
Harne, Christopher
W.C. Fields and the Arc de Triomphe Fiction, July/August 2001
Harper, Stephanie L.
Family Road Trip Poetry, January/February 2019
Elephantine Poetry, October/November 2019
Turkey Vulture Poetry, January/February 2020
Harrell, Curtis
The Tehachapi Sheriff Buries His Native Wife Circa 1900 Poetry, June/July 1998
Harris, Cindy Bousquet
Off-Season Poetry, January/February 2016
Harris, Daniel
The Audition Nonfiction, July/August 2013
Harris, Lisa Ohlen
Lady of Fire Nonfiction, April/May 2005
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, July/August 2005
Harris, Michele
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2011
Harris, Michelle Shappell
Life in the Infertility Belt Travel, July/August 2014
Harrison, Matthew Bruce
What Is Looming Poetry, April/May 2018
Hart, Thurman
Cantos de mi Padre Fiction, April/May 2001
Hartel, Wade
For Lack of White Robes Fiction, January/February 2009
Harth, Sydney
What Rosa Failed to Tell the Police Fiction, October/November 2000
Hartman, Michelle
If Only Men Came in Chocolate Nonfiction, April/May 2006
Posse Comitatus Nonfiction, January/February 2007
Harvor, Finn
Baram 1 Poetry, April/May 2012
The Business Army (a novel) Fiction, April/May 2019
Hashaw, Tim
MALUNGU: The African Origin of the American Melungeons Miscellany, July/August 2001
Haslup, Paul
Wonder Poetry, March/April 1998
The Storm Fiction, April/May 1999
Hassler, Michael R.
I Find Myself at 7:00 Nonfiction, April/May 2015
Hathaway, Gretchel
Rituals Poetry, July/August 2019
Hauenschild, J. Alana
Saint Cecilia Bought Me a Dream Poetry, July/August 2004
Havey, Philip
The Calming of Cuchulain Poetry, January/February 1998
Hawkins, Terence S.
The Thing That Mattered Fiction, October/November 2006
Hawkins, Tim
Three Poems Poetry, April/May 2012
The Calm Poetry, January/February 2019
Hayes, Jenny
Like I Was Waiting Fiction, January/February 2014
Haynes, Bob
Elephants Poetry, October/November 2019
Hayward, D.W.
Not Concerning Rain Poetry, October/November 2002
Four Poems Poetry, January/February 2003
Flipdihethemum Poetry, January/February 2003
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2003
Backyard Poetry, April/May 2003
Tuesday Night on Field #2 Poetry, July/August 2003
Hazelwood, Garrett
Philosophy of Simplicity Fiction, July/August 2014
Healey, Stephen
The Promised Land Fiction, July/August 2005
The Resurrection of Lucille Posh Fiction, January/February 2007
Children as Numerous as Stars in the Sky Fiction, October/November 2007
The Dedevilin' of Lucy Firebottom Fiction, January/February 2008
Church of Bogusta Humor and Satire, January/February 2009
Hearne, Reed
Skinhead Fiction, June 1997
Helm, Jason Lee
Goodbye, Kate Shelley Fiction, April/May 2015
Spotlight Author Fiction, October/November 2016
Henley, Lauren
Spotlight Author Poetry, January/Februay 2010
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2010
Three Poems Poetry, April/May 2012
Hersh, Jennifer
Late Start Fiction, April/May 2001
Hershman, Tania
An Interview with Vanessa Gebbie Interview, July/August 2008
Herzog, Yael
Toward Your Father Poetry, July/August 2019
Heskin, J.D.
Another Story Poetry, October/November 2004
Hewer, Elisabeth
The Nameless Wives Aboard the Ark Fiction, January/February 2021
Heyne, Eric
Dry Summer in the Last Frontier Poetry, October/November 2004
Hibbett, Ryan
Intimations, Remediated Poetry, October/November 2013
Highland, Frederick
The Distant One Fiction, April/May 2019
Hilden-Minton, James
Midwife Poetry, September 1997
Hilgers, Jon
Two Poems Poetry, October 1996
Hilles, Robert
Interventions Fiction, January/February 2018
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2018
Hindman, David
Rough Draft for an Introductory Essay to the Collected Pornographic Films of Jack Highland Miscellany, July/August 2020
Hines, Mary Beth
Working from Home During a Storm Poetry, January/February 2020
Hirshberg, Larry
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2001
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2001
Hixon, Celia
The Marvelous Mule Essay, November 1996
Ho, D. Ting
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2001
Hochman, Will
Three Poems Poetry, December/January 1996-97
Hodges, Norton
What I Owe Poetry, July/August 2005
Hodor, Timothy
Four Poems Poetry, August/September 1998
Hoff-MacKay-Jones, Amy
Lost at Sea Travel, April/May 2006
Hofmann, Janie
Adam Poetry, July/August 2007
Hoffman, Kevin
Saturday Night Poker Fiction, August/September 1998
Hoffmann, Christine
Mock Epic Fiction, January/Feburary 2013
Hogan, Beth
Falling Woman Fiction, April/May 2015
Hoge, Bradley Earle
Driftwood Poetry, October/November 2005
Hogg, Nicholas
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2003
Holler, Paul
A Conversation with David Shumate Interview, July/August 2014
An Interview with Tania Hershman Interview, April/May 2016
An Interview with Gilberty Wesley Purdy Interview, January/February 2019
Holley, Margaret
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2015
Domestic Flight Poetry, October/November 2015
Hollins, Richard
Manhattan Evening, Eighty Degrees Fiction, April/May 2001
Holm, Janis Butler
An Interview with Jonathan Dorf — Interview, April/May 2021
Holmes, Katherine L.
Would You Like to Go Out Shoveling Tonight: A One Act Play Miscellany, July/August 2005
Off the Bourgeois Track Fiction, July/August 2006
Holoborodko, Vasyl
A Disaster Poetry, October/November 2010
Holst, Aaron
Lost Boy Poetry, July/August 2015
Hope, Allen
A Poetic Tour of Natal, Brazil, Or, What the Travel Guides Fail to Tell You Poetry, July/August 2005
Horvath, Tim
The Rhino of the Real Fiction, April/May 2007
Hostovsky, Paul
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2007
Howard, Alicia M.
Night Along Front Street Poetry, January/February 2007
Howard, Peter
Two Poems Poetry, August 1997
Howe, Nancy
Spotlight Artist Art, March 1997
Howe, Wendy
Sachet Poetry, July/August 2001
Howenstine, Katie
Temporary Finally Fiction, June/July 1998
Hua, Li Min
Playing Hymns Poetry, June/July 1998
Ave Poetry, April/May 2005
Huang, Katherine
Morning Poetry, October/November 2020
Hubschman, Thomas J.
I Am So Loving the Cello Fiction, July/August 2003
The Hit Doctor Fiction, April/May 2004
Dirty Linen: Eleven Years after the Verdict Salon Essay, April/May 2005
The Problem of (with) Evil Salon Essay, October/November 2005
Religion Salon Essay, January/February 2006
The Top Salon Essay, April/May 2006
The Enemy Amongst Us Salon Essay, July/August 2006
Homo Habilis Salon Essay, October/November 2006
Bedtime Story Salon Essay, January/February 2007
Radio Moshiach, Superbowl XLI & the Poisoned Kool-Aid Syndrome Salon Essay, April/May 2007
When Crazy People Rule Salon Essay, July/August 2007
The Body Electric Salon Essay, October/November 2007
Damned Yankees-Yanquis Salon Essay, January/February 2008
Snapshots of a Campaign Salon Essay, April/May 2008
The Checkout Fiction, July/August 2008
The Color of Evil Salon Essay, July/August 2008
Demographic Armageddon or Just Another Day? Salon Essay, October/November 2008
Funeral Games Salon Essay, January/February 2009
The Archeology of Thought Salon Essay, April/May 2009
Portrait of a Terrorist Salon Essay, July/August 2009
Old Vinegar in New Bottles Salon Essay, April/May 2010
Nouns, and Other Mischief Salon Essay, July/August 2010
Some Blacklisted Geese and a Mosque on Sacred Ground Salon Essay, October/November 2010
Infinite Space-Time Meets the Monster under my Bed Salon Essay, January/February 2011
Birthers, Boomers, and Our Common Dirty Little Secret Salon Essay, July/August 2011
The Move Fiction, October/November 2011
An Elders Manifesto Salon Essay, October/November 2011
A Nation of Ignorants Salon Essay, April/May 2012
Thou Shalt Kill Salon Essay, July/August 2012
Terrorism 101 Salon Essay, October/November 2012
Death, Where Is Thy Sting-a-ling Salon Essay, July/August 2013
Big Brother, Big Daddy Salon Essay, October/November 2013
Wearing the Black Star Salon Essay, April/May 2014
Tears in the Morning, Clearing by Afternoon, Some Wisdom Possible Before Sunset Salon Essay, July/August 2014
Human, all too Human Salon Essay, October/November 2014
Hands Up! Why We All Can't Breathe Salon Essay, January/February 2015
A Tale of Two Houses Salon Essay, July/August 2015
The Child Abuse We Don't Talk About Salon Essay, October/November 2015
Checkpoints and Mr. Charlie: Are African Americans Our Palestinians? Salon Essay, April/May 2016
How to Think Like a Nazi (or an American) Salon Essay, July/August 2016
Brighton Beach Memory and a Souvenir of 9/11 Salon Essay, October/November 2016
Ban Huckleberry Finn (Again) Salon Essay, January/February 2017
Where I Came In Salon Essay, April/May 2017
The Banality of Evil in Concord Salon Essay, July/August 2017
Entanglement Salon Essay, October/November 2017
As Our Worlds Turn: Fake News, Real Life & Other Fables Salon Essay, January/February 2018
Sunbath Fiction, January/February 2018
A Second Reconstruction: What Would Real Reparations Look Like for African Americans? Salon Essay, April/May 2018
The Collective Me Salon Essay, July/August 2018
You Think What You Are Salon Essay, October/November 2018
Chris Salon Essay, January/February 2019
How My Mother Became White Salon Essay, April/May 2019
Boy Peeing in Pond Salon Essay, July/August 2019
Drosophilia (to Drosophilia melanogaster) Poetry, October/November 2019
Why Fiction? Salon Essay, October/November 2019
A New Year's Wish Salon Essay, January/February 2020
Question Mark Fiction, April/May 2020
Who's Afraid of Big Bad AI Fiction, April/May 2020
Silence of the Lambs Salon Essay, July/August 2020
Isometry Fiction, July/August 2020
The Subversive from Hannibal Salon Essay, October/November 2020
Who Knew? Salon Essay, January/February 2021
The Spider — Fiction, April/May 2021
Running for the Bus: Life and Love in the Time of Covid — Salon Essay, April/May 2021
My Brooklyn — Salon Essay, July/August 2021
Hudon, Daniel
Another Night in Bangkok Travel, July/August 2007
Huffman, A.J.
No Place. Like Home? Poetry, January/February 2011
Huidobro, Vicente
El Célebre Océano Poetry, July/August 2018
Hughes, Sara Pirkle
Text Message Poetry, July/August 2018
Hulme, Michael J.
Eighteen Months in Eight Minutes Fiction, April/May 2006
Billy Learns Fiction, October/November 2006
Geoff Says Farewell Fiction, January/February 2007
The Undressing of Ursula Fiction, January/February 2007
Humm, Alan
Iceland Poetry, July/August 2020
Hunter, Stephanie A.
Expecting Fiction, July/August 2019
Huston, Karla
Monuments Poetry, October/November 2004
Hyams, Philip
Six Poems Poetry, March/April 1998
Hyder, Annette Marie
Chinese Sunset Poetry, September/October 1999
Winter Solstice Moon Poetry, Jan/Feb 2000
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2001

- I -

iberi, patrick
The Sleepless verse Nonfiction, July/August 2006
Iglehart, Alison
First Drink of the Day: A Recovering Alcoholic Looks at Drinking in the Movies Nonfiction, April/May 2011
The Experience of Absence Nonfiction, January/February 2021
Ikheloa, Ikhide R.
Life in America: Cow Foot by Candlight Nonfiction, October/November 2005
For Fearless Fang: a Boy and His Pets Nonfiction, July/August 2013
Indigo, Susannah
Mapping Charlotte Fiction, January/February 2002
Iorga, Romana
Spotlight Author Poetry, October/November 2018
Iosebashvili, Irakli
The Kurdebi Fiction, January/February 2006
Ireland, Alan
Cut-Price Poetry Poetry, January/February 2016
Irons, Edward
Down Pansodan Travel, July/August 2014
Irvine, Ian
Five Poems Poetry, October/November 1998
Isaac, Mardean
Anonymous Letter from an Organ Trafficker Humor and Satire, October/November 2014
Isacson, Alexandra
The Picassos Poetry, January/February 2009
Isom, Joan Shaddox
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2004
Itz, Allen
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2001
the woman at the checkout Poetry, October/November 2001
survival tactics Poetry, January/February 2002
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2002
where things went wrong Poetry, January/February 2003
Ives, Rich
Torn Photograph, Ohio, 1923 Poetry, April/May 2013
Scavenger Poetry, April/May 2018
Iyer, Bharat
An Interview with Arvind Krishna Mehrotra Interview, January/Feburary 2013

- J -

Jackson, Beverly
Buddha Gold Fiction and Art, April/May 2008
Jackson, Jason
Chantin's Place Fiction, January/February 2008
Jackson, Nicole
The Virgin's Man Poetry, January/February 2001
Jackson, Penny
Spotlight Author Poetry, April/May 2009
Jackson, Rachael
Ometepe Travel, April/May 2009
Jacob, Lucas
Declaring Victory Poetry, January/February 2014
Jagodnik, R. W.
What Living Is Poetry, January/February 2018
Jalajel, David
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2017
Jalal, Talha
The Whisper that Echoed across the Seven Seas: Rumi in the Western Intellectual Milieu Nonfiction, October/November 2010
James, Andy
The Dead Falls Fiction, April/May 2012
James, D.R.
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2012
Jani, Seth
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2017
Janus, Cicily R.
An Interview with Michael Neff Interview, January/February 2008
An Interview with Matt Marinovich Interview, July/August 2008
An Interview with Jennifer McMahon Interview, July/August 2008
Jarrard, Kyle
Pelton and the Paraladies Fiction, March/April 1998
Jarrett, Grant
A Perfectly Reasonable Request Fiction, July/August 2013
Jazwiecki, Andrea
Hot Water Poetry, October/November 2004
Jenack, JeanPaul
Spotlight Author Poetry, October/November 1998
Jenkins, Chris
Lord of the Lies Fiction, January/February 2017
Jenkins, Jerry
Four Poems Poetry, September 1997
Jenkins, Leesteffy
The Offering Fiction, April/May 2008
Jenkins, Stanley
Spotlight Author Fiction, April 1997
New York City Like Drinking Too Much Jack When What You're Really Looking for is On Tap Fiction, September 1997
Puritan Dreams Fiction, September 1997
Setting the Woods on Fire (Dancing with the Devil) Fiction, June/July 1998
The Ghosts of Laredo Fiction, August/September 1998
Walking to Deseret Fiction, October/November 1998
Resurrection Day Salon, January/February 1999
Leon Fiction, January/February 1999
Like October's Woman Fiction, January/February 1999
Florida Gothic Fiction, November/December 1999
Beyond the Piney Wood Fiction, January/February 2001
Frederick (All She Wrote) Fiction, January/February 2001
Trees (Illinois Noir) Fiction, October/November 2002
The Dreamer Fiction, January/February 2003
What It Means To Be Dead (An internet prose collage) Fiction, April/May 2004
Dispatches Salon Essay, April/May 2004
Dispatches 12-14 (Presence) Salon Essay, October/November 2005
Dispatches 15 (Katrina) Salon Essay, October/November 2005
Dispatches 16-17 (Witness) Salon Essay, January/February 2006
Culture Wars Salon Essay, October/November 2006
George Salon Essay, January/February 2007
American Home Salon Essay, January/February 2009
Twenty Years Salon Essay, April/May 2009
Wide Awake Dreams Nonfiction, April/May 2009
Ordinary Time Salon Essay, October/November 2009
The Price of Hope Nonfiction, October/November 2009
In the Republic of Dreams Nonfiction, January/February 2010
Adventures in Ordinary Time Nonfiction, January/February 2010
Representative Men Nonfiction, January/February 2010
Up in the Attic Salon Essay, April/May 2010
Ecstatic Salon Essay, July/August 2010
Isaac Rising Salon Essay, October/November 2010
Tea Party Salon Essay, January/February 2011
Down the Plymouth Road Salon Essay, July/August 2011
Nationwide Salon Essay, October/November 2011
The Confidence Man Explains the Long Con Salon Essay, January/February 2012
Down the Plymouth Road: Burst Salon Essay, April/May 2012
Jeremiad (Mill Girls of 1912) Nonfiction, April/May 2012
The First Day Salon Essay, July/August 2012
Down the Plymouth Road (Series Two) Fiction, January/February 2015
Just Like Cain Salon Essay, January/February 2016
Down the Plymouth Road (Series Three) (The Great Refusal) Salon Essay, July/August 2016
Down the Plymouth Road (Series Four) Salon Essay, October/November 2016
Down the Plymouth Road (Series Five): Sanguinis Christi (Blood of Christ) Salon Essay, October/November 2016
Vigil (Interrupted), A Plymouth Road Interlude Salon Essay, October/November 2017
Fiery Angels and Hungry Ghosts Salon Essay, January/February 2018
Lenten Triptych Salon Essay, April/May 2018
She Stoops to Conquer Salon Essay, July/August 2018
My Sophia Salon Essay, October/November 2018
Lady Poverty Salon Essay, January/February 2019
Jennings, Rachael
III. Usurper Poetry, January/February 2012
Jentsch, Nancy
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2016
June's Illusion Poetry, October/November 2016
Tiger Poetry, January/February 2017
River's Ribbon Poetry, July/August 2017
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2018
deceptive calm Poetry, January/February 2018
Survivors Poetry, July/August 2019
Jer, Larry
Two Steamy Nights in Xian Travel, January/February 2008
Lucy, You Got Some Spleenin' to Do Travel, July/August 2008
Jerman, D. M.
Eleven Poems on Wine in a Single Afternoon Poetry, July/August 2014
Thirteen 3-Line Love Affairs Poetry, October/November 2017
Jespers, Richard
Tales of the Millerettes: A Novella Fiction, October/November 2010
Jha, Vivekanand
An Interview with Jayanta Mahapatra Interview, April/May 2010
Jilka, Lucy
Mallory's Element Poetry, January/Februay 2010
Jobson, Liesl
An Interview with Claudia Smith Interview, July/August 2007
Johnson, Amy Crane
Spotlight Author Fiction/Poetry, December/January 1996-97
Arctic Heat Poetry, March 1997
Baptism Fiction, March 1997
A Heretic Has Problems Too Poetry, January/February 1998
Playing for Keeps Poetry, April/May 2001
What Greta Now Knows Poetry, October/November 2001
Neptune vs. the Man in the Moon Poetry, January/February 2002
Row Your Boat Poetry, April/May 2002
Palm Springs for the First Time Poetry, July/August 2004
Johnson, Chris
Two Poems Poetry, November/December 1999
Johnson, D.P.
Men Loving Lesbians Loving Each Other Nonfiction, September 1997
Johnson, Laura Story
Sins of Our Fathers Nonfiction, April/May 2013
Johnson, Patricia
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2014
Johnson, Timmy
Thunder Bird Fiction, July/August 2015
Jones, Abigail
Autobiography Poetry, April/May 2005
Jones, Cherie
Miller Fiction, July/August 2013
Jones, Phil
Tough Fiction, April/May 2005
Joseph, Jenifer
The Swimming Pool Dried Up Last Night Poetry, October/November 2020
Joseph, Mathew
Midnight Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
Joseph, Rachel
The Screen Dreams of Buster Keaton Miscellany, January/February 2014
Joung, Minnie
A Day Left in the Field Grass Fiction, January/February 2016
Josephs, Russ
Mondo Politico Miscellany, June/July 1998
Ju, Siel
Holiday Love Scarf Fiction, July/August 2014
Julson, Steven
The New Hire Humor and Satire, January/February 2019
Justin, Babitha Marina
Oscar Poetry, July/August 2018

- K -

Kaber, Judy
Let's go visit Millie Poetry, October/November 2014
If I hadn't picked up the turkey feather Poetry, January/February 2015
Past Lives Poetry, October/November 2015
Three Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2016
Three Word Poems Poetry, October/November 2016
In the Rearview Poetry, January/February 2017
Three Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2017
Eclipse Morning Poetry, October/November 2017
Richard Poetry, January/February 2018
The Red Cross Swim Meet Poetry, July/August 2018
Two Word Poems Poetry, July/August 2018
Small Songs Poetry, October/November 2018
New Mexico Whiptail Poetry, January/February 2019
Shoulders Poetry, July/August 2019
Seven Degrees This Morning Poetry, January/February 2020
Ode to the Basket that Holds Odd Things — Poetry, July/August 2021
Kahn, Nasrullah
Dying Man Fiction, April/May 2002
Kamei, Toshiya A.
Duraznitos Fiction, October/November 2005
Kanumalla, Anju
DNA, RNA, and Alphabet Soup Nonfiction, January/February 2006
When Genes Move Sideways Nonfiction, July/August 2006
Cance Viruses Nonfiction, October/November 2006
When Your Brain Falls In Love Nonfiction, January/February 2007
Kaplan, Barry Jay
Friends for Life Fiction, July/August 2009
Kaplan, Dennis
Five Gravity Experiments You Can Do in a Strange Hotel Miscellany, Jan/Feb 2000
One Day in the Life of Irene Dennison Fiction, July/August 2004
Bone Moon Fiction, October/November 2006
Exposure of the Breasts While Being Demeaned Fiction, April/May 2011
Of Job's Tears Fiction, October/November 2013
Kaplan, Michael
How can you tell if someone likes you? Fiction, July/August 2018
Karlson, Kathy
M and Cornelia Fiction, October/November 2005
Karraker, David
Crossing the Road Fiction, October/November 2014
Kashyap, Aruni
Arrival Poetry, January/February 2009
Kashyap, Jayant
The Concept of Hell — Poetry, April/May 2021
Kasim, Saudha
From Bangalore to Thrissur Fiction, January/February 2010
Kassir, Dyna
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, April/May 2018
Katz, Michael
Sarpedon Fiction, Jan/Feb 2000
The Lost Dialogues—Pherecydes Miscellany, January/February 2001
Kaufman, Alan
Relationshit Miscellany, June/July 1998
Things Carl Little Crow and I Did Together To Stay Sober In San Francisco Fiction, August/September 1998
Something Coming to Meet You Fiction, September/October 1999
Kaufman, Ben
Kleptomania — Nonfiction, April/May 2021
Kaufman, David S.
The Exchange Student Fiction, July/August 2003
Kaufman, Jarrett
An Interview with Bonnie Jo Campbell Interview, January/February 2021
Kaufman, Jennie
Life Story: Pass Fiction, July/August 2006
Kaul, Aseem
Invisible Man Poetry, October/November 2010
Kay, Les
All Saints' Day, Miami Poetry, October/November 2007
Kaye, Robert P.
The Appendix Fiction, January/February 2021
Kean, Sam
Two Flashes Fiction, January/February 2006
Keane, Tim
Greta Garbo's Hair Was Made in Egypt Fiction, October/November 2004
Kearnes, Thomas
My New Anus Fiction, July/August 2010
Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control Fiction, January/Feburary 2013
Ten Bucks Says He Beats Her Fiction, October/November 2020
Kearney, Kevin
Decorum Humor and Satire, April/May 2017
Kearon, Coleen
Airbnb Nonfiction, October/November 2014
Keathley, Brian
The First Poem I Publish Poetry, April/May 2013
Keegan, Alex
Jeremy Browne's Guest Fiction, March/April 1998
Lids, Sticks, Joe Loss Fiction, March/April 1998
Alice Munro: The Short Answer Nonfiction, August/September 1998
Python Pat Fiction, October/November 1998
A Message to the Writers Group Fiction, October/November 1998
Her Cat Fiction, January/February 2003
Our Houses, Night Fiction, January/February 2003
Motorways Fiction, January/February 2004
In Lieu of "Preference" Miscellany, January/February 2004
Three Flash Fictions Fiction, July/August 2004
Asparagus Fiction, October/November 2004
Fucking Tragic Fiction, October/November 2004
Raw and Bloody: The Boot Camp / Google Flash Fiction Exercise Fiction, October/November 2004
A Little Man Fiction, April/May 2005
About Jose Fiction, April/May 2005
Night Classes Fiction, January/February 2006
Glove, Fist, Camera Fiction, October/November 2006
Spatchcocked by Love Fiction, October/November 2006
Cull Fiction, January/February 2008
Squinting against the Sun Fiction, January/February 2008
Towards the Dark Fiction, April/May 2012
Angels Fiction, April/May 2015
The Cruel Month Fiction, April/May 2015
Keener, Jessica
The After Party Fiction, January/February 2009
Keith, Hamish
Edward the Extraordinary Fiction, July/August 2001
Keith, Ian
The Conspiracy of Lonely Men Fiction, October/November 2018
Keisler, Max
In the Water — Fiction, July/August 2021
Kelen, S. K.
Two Poems Poetry, October 1996
White Deer Poetry, February 1997
Thousand Star Hotel, Hanoi Poetry, November/December 1999
Kell, Charles
Fence Poetry, July/August 2018
Kellas, Anne
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2002
Keller, Ammi
American Patrick Fiction, May 1997
Kelley, Ward
Those Levers Between Poetry, July/August 2001
I Hold Your Body Up Poetry, April/May 2002
Kelly, Tom
The Lookouts Fiction, October/November 2009
Kemp, Coultas W.
I Carried Bill Bradley's Water Miscellany, Jan/Feb 2000
Kemp, Mike
Urban Romeo Poetry, January/February 2001
Kennedy, Jack
West Texas Justice Nonfiction, July/August 2005
Kenny, Kathleen
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2009
Kenyon, Amy
Sugarbush Lake Fiction, October/November 2015
Sally Draper at the Ford Rotunda Nonfiction, October/November 2016
Taking Leave Nonfiction, July/August 2019
Kepnes, Caroline
The Way You Make Me Feel Fiction, July/August 2005
Delete Forever Fiction, January/February 2006
Breaking Water Fiction, October/November 2006
Accutane Fiction, January/February 2008
Dawn Fiction, April/May 2010
This Is a Jellyfish Eating a Barracuda Fiction, January/February 2011
Dave Says Fiction, January/February 2012
Owen in Her Head Fiction, October/November 2013
Kercher, Timothy
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2010
Kerper, Elizabeth
Elegy for Keith Poetry, April/May 2014
Dog Poem Poetry, October/November 2014
Using Azalea as a Verb Poetry, July/August 2015
Astrology for Nonbelievers Poetry, October/November 2015
On Proofreading Your Sister's Med School Application Poetry, April/May 2016
Almost Sonnet Begun the Day After the 2016 Election But Finished Several Months Later, with a Line from A Wrinkle in Time Poetry, April/May 2017
For the Swimming Girls Poetry, October/November 2017
Kerschbaum, Joseph
Fractures Poetry, July/August 2007
Kesilman, Elan
Danny Devito and Me Fiction, July/August 2002
Kessler, Jascha
Reasoning Unreason Nonfiction, July/August 2010
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, October/November 2010
Oedipus and his Discontents Nonfiction, January/February 2011
The Cucking-Stool Redux Nonfiction, July/August 2011
Epimetheus, or Pandora's Box Nonfiction, January/February 2012
An Innocent Abroad: Into the Holy Land... and Out Again Nonfiction, April/May 2012
Brujeria Nonfiction, July/August 2012
A Diamond Anniversary Poetry, October/November 2012
Two Muses Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
A Memorable Fancy Nonfiction, April/May 2013
What is Poetry Today? Miscellany, July/August 2013
The Centaur's Blood Nonfiction, October/November 2013
À La Recherche Des Parents Perdus Nonfiction, January/February 2014
Two Translations Poetry, January/February 2014
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, April/May 2014
Ein Blick Ins Chaos Nonfiction, July/August 2014
A Translator's Complaint Nonfiction, January/February 2015
Humanities, Anyone? Nonfiction, April/May 2015
Da! Da! Da! A Seance with a Sybil Nonfiction, July/August 2015
De Minimus: A Cold Case in California Fiction, October/November 2015
These, My Women Nonfiction, October/November 2015
Lenin Redux Nonfiction, January/February 2016
Mazes Fiction, April/May 2016
On Collaborative Translation Nonfiction, July/August 2016
Clearance 1949: a Stoic Dialogue Fiction, October/November 2016
Our Daily Dose of Terrors Nonfiction, October/November 2016
Kessler, Julia Braun
High Fashion—Low (ehmann¬ís) Prices: A New York City Memoir Nonfiction, January/February 2007
My Only Charlie Brown: One Family's New York City of the '20s and 30's Fiction, January/February 2008
Our Own Mid-Century Mannahatta Nonfiction, April/May 2009
Venturing West: America Beckons Nonfiction, July/August 2009
Orgones, Jazz and General Motors: Young, free And Easy in Motor City Nonfiction, April/May 2010
Back East and Glad of It! Nonfiction, July/August 2010
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, October/November 2010
Taos, an Interval on the Long Trek West: In Residence at D. H. Lawrence's Ranch and the Wurlitzer Foundation Nonfiction, January/February 2011
On Our Way To Californiay!—Wonderland by the Sea Nonfiction, April/May 2011
Europe Calling: Wandering in the Shadow of D. H. Lawrence Nonfiction, July/August 2011
Reality Strikes Again! Nonfiction, October/November 2011
Another Sojourn in Italy: the View from Rome Nonfiction, January/February 2012
Urbino: A Summer of Renaissance Harmony Nonfiction, April/May 2012
Career Antics: Anthropologists, Aging, and a Crack at the Celebrity Circuit Nonfiction, July/August 2012
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, April/May 2014
Ketai, Deborah
The Force of a Fifth, Plus 40 Poetry, January/February 2021
Keyes, Jeffrey James
An Interview with William Roetzheim Interview, July/August 2009
Khaw, Winnie
Review and Analysis of the Film Eat Drink Man Woman Miscellany, October/November 2012
Khine, Karla Myn
Yellow Today Poetry, October/November 2020
Kidd, John
Sonnet to the Age Poetry, October/November 2001
Kidder, Cheryl Diane
Deal Fiction, July/August 2005
How She Was Raised Fiction, January/February 2014
Kieffer, Janet
My Father's Tools Miscellany, July/August 2004
Kiernan, Rebecca Lu
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2001
When a Snake Bites You in the Ass Poetry, January/February 2002
Kihlstrom, J. Elyse
Inclement Poetry, July/August 2007
Killian, Sheila
Mokana Children's Home Fiction, October/November 2008
China Fiction, October/November 2008
Kim, Cynthia A.
Falling Away Fiction, January/February 2002
Kindig, Patrick
Antecedent Poetry, July/August 2014
From His Bedroom, the Boy Watches Poetry, July/August 2016
King, Amy
Fate of the Human Queen Poetry, January/February 2004
King, A.S.
River 16 Fiction, July/August 2007
Harry's Giant Fiction, January/February 2008
King, David
Dead Crysanthemums Fiction, April/May 2002
King, Julie
Two Poems Poetry, November 1996
A Story Poetry, April/May 1999
Willing Poetry, April/May 2001
Spouse Joins Military Poetry, July/August 2001
Re-inventions Poetry, October/November 2001
Variations of Domestic Poetry, January/February 2002
Two Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2002
Two Word Poems Poetry, July/August 2002
The Girl Who Lives in Her Head Poetry, October/November 2002
Surprises Poetry, January/February 2003
Babysitting Poetry, April/May 2003
Two Word Poems Poetry, July/August 2003
Waiting for the Bloom Poetry, October/November 2003
Matthew 5:38 Poetry, April/May 2004
No one ever writes an ode to Taos Poetry, October/November 2004
Do they call this Tinseltown all year? Poetry, April/May 2005
Snapshots of My Brother in Asian Countries Poetry, July/August 2005
King, Seth
I Came to Truro Poetry, July/August 2018
King, Zoe
The Pigeon Gets His Fiction, October/November 2004
Kirk, Kathleen
Spotlight Author Poetry, April/May 2011
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2012
Nightfall Poetry, July/August 2013
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2014
Labyrinth Poetry, July/August 2020
Kirk, Roxie Faulkner
The Salvation of Ruby Fae McKeever Fiction, July/August 2015
Kirsh, Erin
Short Days Long Nights Cyclical Annual Poetry, January/February 2020
Klavan, Laurence
Consensus Fiction, January/February 2014
Kline, Sherri Linn
Tools and Accounting Miscellany, July/August 2004
Not a Ghost Story Nonfiction, October/November 2004
Wounds Nonfiction, April/May 2005
Ghosts Nonfiction, October/November 2005
Klirs, Lior
In Vivo Fiction, October/November 2010
Kloppenborg, Paul
Two Poems Poetry, July 1997
Spotlight Artwork Miscellany, April/May 2007
Kolodji, Deborah P.
Coming Home: A Cinquain Poetry, January/February 2004
The Move Poetry, April/May 2004
Lost on an Afternoon Hike Poetry, July/August 2004
The End of Normal: a mirror cinquain Poetry, October/November 2004
Elephants Poetry, April/May 2005
Leaving the Restaurant Poetry, July/August 2005
Attracting His Attention Poetry, October/November 2005
Lost in the System Poetry, January/February 2006
A Grandmother's Illness Poetry, April/May 2006
On the Side of the Road Poetry, July/August 2006
New Profile Poetry, April/May 2007
Holsey, Claretta
blues Poetry, July/August 2020
Kombiyil, Ellen
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2006
Demeter's Response Poetry, October/November 2007
Cistern Poetry, July/August 2008
Twin Poetry, April/May 2010
Nothing is Forbidden Poetry, April/May 2012
Kopaska-Merkel, David C.
Leviathan, rising Poetry, October/November 2004
Kopp, James J.
The Other Y2K Crisis Miscellany, April/May 1999
Koromilas, Kathryn
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2003
On Encountering My First Grey Hair Poetry, April/May 2003
An Interview with Jai Clare Interview, July/August 2008
Koshar, R. J.
Blues Falling Down Like Hail Fiction, January/February 2012
Saving Hermann Hesse Fiction, April/May 2015
Into the Old Testament Nonfiction, October/November 2015
Kotzin, Miriam N.
Palette Poetry, July/August 2004
No One Can Swim to the Moon Fiction, October/November 2005
Albino Poetry, January/February 2012
She Wanted to Know about Mourning in Springtime Poetry, July/August 2015
Interview with a Victim's Neighbor on the Fifth Anniversary Poetry, January/February 2016
Turning Over Poetry, July/August 2018
Ennui with Amphisbaenic Rhyme Poetry, October/November 2018
Smoke, Onions, Loss Poetry, January/February 2019
Kourous, Sharon
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2000
A Curse for Modern Times Poetry, October/November 2001
Kovacic, Kristin
Two Towns in Provence Poetry, October/November 2003
Kovacs, Joe
Blasket Islands Travel, October/November 2009
Knestaut, Danny C.
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2000
Knight, Mike
Muhammad Was a Punk Rocker Poetry, January/February 2003
Knight, R. Christopher
Nasty ... Short Fiction, January/February 2010
Knox, Melissa
Spotlight Author Nonfiction, Apr/May 2019
Kramer, Chuck
Fog Along the Shore Poetry, January/February 2017
Shadows and Shades Poetry, April/May 2017
The Man I Am Poetry, October/November 2017
The Sheets Poetry, January/February 2018
Time Morphs Poetry, July/August 2018
Krauss, Carol
Note to Jesus Poetry, April/May 2003
Kraszewski, Gracjan
A Collusion in the Desert? between Thought and Action Humor and Satire, July/August 2017
Krecklow, Lee L.
Spotlight Author Fiction, April/May 2017
Kremlin, Dmytro
The Lost Manuscript Poetry, October/November 2010
Kring, Natalie
Spotlight Author Poetry, January/February 2001
Sideshow Jo Poetry, April/May 2001
Oliver Twisted Poetry, January/February 2006
Kreiter-Foronda, Carolyn
January's Resolution Poetry, July/August 2004
Krishna, B. A.
Our Antidote to Ahimsa Humor and Satire, April/May 2013
Kristy, Jan
Dear Andrew, Poetry, July/August 2003
Krosschell, Jim
Almost Heaven Nonfiction, October/November 2009
Krug, Michel Steven
Wheeze Poetry, October/November 2020
Kudera, Alex
Over Fifty Billion Kafkas Served Fiction, October/November 2019
A Thanksgiving — Fiction, July/August 2021
Kuennen, Brandon
Four Poems Young Authors, May 1997
Kunkel, David
Ripple Poetry, October/November 2015

- L -

Ladner, Kiare
Leftovers Fiction, October/November 2015
LaFever, Nancy
The Betrayal Poetry, October/November 2004
La Foret, Carol
Ruby Love Poetry, November/December 1999
Laichas, Tom
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2018
Lake, Christopher
La Frontera Poetry, January/February 2007
Lam, Fiona Tinwei
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2019
Lambert, Otto
Tangle of Thorns, or the Fair Use of Commons in a Transformative World Fiction, July/August 2009
Lamm, Clifford
Watchful Eyes Travel, January/February 2009
Lamont, Alonzo Jr.
B-Side Man Miscellany, July/August 2018
Lamontagne, Robert
My Mother Had Hazel Eyes Poetry, October/November 2001
Lamothe, Lori
Mill Town Poetry, October/November 2008
Lang, Dorothee
plane plains Poetry, October/November 2004
To clean or dry by rubbing Poetry, October/November 2005
aquarius Poetry, July/August 2006
Swallow Poetry, October/November 2006
Cherry Charm Poetry, January/February 2007
august at 11 Poetry, October/November 2007
Berlin, Alexanderplatz Travle, October/November 2008
Every Sunday Poetry, January/February 2010
Lange, Monika
My Book of Mormon and the Fall of Communism in Poland Nonfiction, July/August 2006
The World and I Nonfiction, July/August 2007
My Christmas Celebrations on Three Continents Nonfiction, January/February 2008
The First Day of School Nonfiction, October/November 2008
Langley, Charles
The Shooter Fiction, January/February 2001
Lanham, Carole
Dust and Ashes Fiction, January/February 2004
Lanier, Hannah
Atmosphere Poetry, October/November 2017
Lantry, William F.
Spotlight Author Fiction/Poetry, October 1996
Largo, Michael
Three Poems Poetry, February 1997
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 1999
Larson, Darby
Trigenderism: An Essay Miscellany, October/November 2003
Gender Discrimination: A Rebuttal Miscellany, April/May 2004
Cats and Dogs Fiction, July/August 2008
Larson, Richard
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2009
Larson, Thomas
Spotlight Author Non-Fiction, April/May 2003
Lasky, Will
How Arthur Met Janet Fiction, July/August 2012
A Rogue Age Fiction, January/February 2014
An Ugly Man's Guide to Self Improvement Fiction, January/February 2014
Latham, Kathleen
Taking Care of Dad, After Mom Poetry, April/May 2019
Lause, Sean
My father hammered with words Poetry, April/May 2019
Inheritance Poetry, April/May 2020
Lavochkina, Svetlana
Semolinian Equinox Fiction, January/February 2009
A Disaster (translation) Poetry, October/November 2010
The Lost Manuscript (translation) Poetry, October/November 2010
Dam Duchess Fiction, October/November 2017
Lay, Cam
The Mandolin Player Fiction, January/February 2014
Lea, Sydney
What the Smart People Think Nonfiction, April/May 2019
Familiar Stranger — Nonfiction, July/August 2021
Lea, Zoe
Rear Projection Fiction, October/November 2004
Lease, Darryl
The Tin Drum Controversy Nonfiction, August 1997
Boycotting Disney? Don't Forget the Family Channel... Humor and Satire, August 1997
Leavitt, Linda
Beyond This Point You May Encounter Nude Sunbathers... Nonfiction, September 1997
Leavitt, Michele
Elegy for Christina Poetry, July/August 2016
Lebowski, A.
Hidden America Miscellany, October/November 2002
Hidden America: Vermont Miscellany, January/February 2003
Lee, Thomas
Reminders of Absalom Fiction, July/August 2009
Lefcowitz, Barbara
Dyeing, Cutting Stretching Nonfiction, September/October 1999
Leonard, John
Three Cows Staring at a Dead Coyote Poetry, January/February 2020
Leonard, Peter
Eclipse Poetry, August/September 1998
Lee, Mary Soon
Pandora's Dogs Fiction, February 1997
Lefcowitz, Barbara
Fibers, Hands, and Fig Trees Miscellany, April/May 1999
After the Statues Poetry, July/August 2001
Lehmann, Gary Paul
It All Came Down To a Serious Relationship With Eleanor Rigby Nonfiction, July/August 2005
LeMaster, David J.
Trash Fiction, July/August 2004
The Chartreuse Wallpaper Fiction, July/August 2005
LeMontree, Sunshine
To Virginia Woolf, who wrote A Room of One's Own, published 1929 Nonfiction, January/February 2009
Lesh, Jenniffer
Two Prose Poems Poetry, February 1997
Levin, Annie
A Few Words on the Golem Massacre Miscellany, October/November 2005
Levine, Joel B.
Love is not time's fool Fiction, July/August 2013
Levison, Judith Ann
The Hesper and the Luther Little Poetry, October/November 2013
Levy, Joshua
Isaac Fiction, April/May 2002
LeWinter, Oswald
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2003
Lewis-Ackerman, Melissa
What Happened on Brandt Street Fiction, July/August 2018
Lewis, Andy
Fade into Dust Fiction, January/February 2006
Lewis, Dan
Watching the Astronauts—ISS March, 2001 Poetry, July/August 2001
Lewis, Lisa
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2003
Lewis, Paula Henderson
Parenting By Example Miscellany, September/October 1999
Lewis, Richard
Growing Up in Bali Travel, October/November 2008
Leyland, Roderick
Are You Lonesome Tonight? Fiction, April/May 2005
The Transformation of a Urinal into Art Nonfiction, January/February 2011
Light, Terri
Rituals Poetry, October/November 2005
Lighthouse, Richard
catching fire Poetry, April/May 2008
Lietz, Robert
Two Poems Poetry, April 1997
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2002
Liguore, Hunter
Summer Fiction, October/November 2012
Lima, Paul
Beaujolais Nouveau Fiction, June 1997
Lineberger, James
ghazal Poetry, July/August 2003
Lisser, Adam
Stranded in Motion Travel, July/August 2010
Livingstone, James Brian
My Fingers Dig Poetry, September 1997
Little, Billy
writing like mad: DON'T GET Poetry, June/July 1998
Lobo, Julius
The Time My Colleague Saw Me Eating Chana Masala in the Breakroom and Said, "Here in America, We Eat Our Lunch Between Two Slices of White Bread" — Poetry, July/August 2021
Locke, Duane
A Campari at Contina D'Ampezzo Poetry, July/August 2000
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2002
Lockward, Diane
An Interview with Jennifer MacPherson Interview, January/February 2008
An Interview with Penelope Scambly Schott Interview, April/May 2010
Lohrey, David
Private Eyes Fiction, January/February 2021
Lombardo, Tom
An Interview with Jessie Carty Interview, January/February 2010
Long, C.A.
Deterioration Fiction, July/August 2002
Longenecker, Rebecca
Kitchen World Poetry, July/August 2020
Longley, Eric
The Military Records of Dr. Samuel Mudd Miscellany, April/May 2001
Lopes, Ines
Compass Poetry, October/November 2001
Lopez, A.
Museletter Travel, April/May 2005
Andromeda's Museletter #2 Travel, July/August 2005
Lopez, Antonio
A Poem for the Arrest of a Homeless Man Inside Rutgers's Conklin Hall Miscellany, July/August 2017
Lopez, Robert
The Price of Fish Fiction, January/February 2006
Lopez de Azua, Carla
Cargo Fiction, April/May 2008
Lorinczi, Seth
Spotlight Artist Nonfiction, January/February 2018
Lott, Chris
James Dickey: An Appreciation Nonfiction, February 1997
Love, Lili C.
Devoured Poetry, November/December 1999
Lowe, Alice
Elvis Standing By Travel, April/May 2011
My Hair, Myself Nonfiction, July/August 2020
Lowenstein, Jeff
Scooter Envy Miscellany, January/February 2001
Linera Lucas
Eclipse Poetry, April/May 2020
Luesse, Stefan
On the Lake Poetry, April 1997
Lunden, Jennifer
The Fish Story Fiction, January/February 2015
Lurie, Bobbi
My Son Works in the Museum of Intolerance Nonfiction, October/November 2012
Kids Like Him Nonfiction, April/May 2013
Lussier, Pascal-Denis
An Interview with Paul A. Toth Interview, January/February 2010
Lutzner, Erika
The Great Mother Has No Face Poetry, January/Februay 2010
Lyke, Heather M.F.
December 24, 2020 Poetry, January/February 2021