Oct/Nov 2017 Poetry Special Feature

Thirteen 3-Line Love Affairs

by D.M. Jerman

Image excerpted from It Takes a Village by Roe LiBretto

Image excerpted from It Takes a Village by Roe LiBretto

Thirteen 3-Line Love Affairs

The warm full pour of merlot
is a welcome punctuation
to the drawing, the modeling session


Thru a window with no screen
the air of early evening invites
each good poem is a living ghost—haunting


Friday night—dusk
Public already in nines, in lines
For clubs are open and the weekend beckons


To be kissed
is to feel that you belong
to take a sensual trip into a piece of forever


I'm not sentimental
I just enjoy a good fuck
sometimes I need to turn you on


turn off the lights
you need to forget who I am
our love has no face


stray flames
when you try to take them back
they only cause the wrong kind of fires


the girl solos
experimental poems in song
she should remember to tune next time


when I say "tell me about something you've lost"
It's ok.
you don't have to say anything about your heart


He's staring at my crotch
like there's no other place to rest his eyes
a bus stop kind of love


one cup of coffee
in the saddest place in the world
no love—but just the thought


please, be thinking of me
please hold me in your mind
like something fine and unforgettable


I am hopeless and doomed
stealer of hearts
who can rarely keep her own


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