Jan/Feb 2002 Poetry Special Feature

Neptune vs. the Man in the Moon

by Amy Crane Johnson


Neptune vs. the Man in the Moon

What if Neptune rose each night
like a moon? Imagine that
blue orb as it tries
to be a better lover,
begs me to forget I once hung
my heart
in another man's smile.

Instead of a charming chap
in a glowing ball,
this rotund specter
directs his yes, yes signal
through my kitchen windowpane,
buries himself
near my breastbone.

A Neptunian phantom
might fancy variations on love
no Earthly moon could dream.
I'm sure some planets
know secret ways
to unleash human desire
within an alien embrace.

Once bitten, twice gun-shy,
I'm leery of romance.
But just the thought
of Neptune's nightly rising
has me giddy, new-man-silly,
half nit-witty,
way, way over the moon.


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