Jan/Feb 2002

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Special Feature -- Word Poems

Poems containing the words kitchen, gunshy, variations and Neptune.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Warm Breath

silver on the water was a moon tangled,
a dancing light

Vincent Canizaro


The Day Measures Us

There are days where the sun hides
And follows itself out of sheer purpose.
We know its path, its warm bead
Across the sky.

Michael Catherwood


A Taciturn Daughter-In-Law Replies

I worried if the water in the laundry
would kill my mother-in-law.
I half hoped it would

Alison Daniel


Blackberries In Late August

When I wind down to 12th, cats the color of crows
and cream come out from bushes, tails tickling
my moving legs

Stacey Fay


survival tactics

after the spike
of exploding anger,
the room seems sucked
clear of air

Allen Itz


When A Snake Bites You In The Ass

They put you on
Your back and show you a chart
Of 137 poisonous snakes and ask
Which one was the culprit.

Rebecca Lu Kiernan



diamonds are your eyes as they burn
me inside out in rage and
rage and walk in silence along
Park Street, Calcutta

prasenjit maiti


Hot Pants

your legs
certainly sizzled, and this
was a logger bar

Patty Mooney


Return with a Snau

Years before we smoked a joint with Creedence
And giggled, "There's a bathroom on the right,"
We had that word's mystery to tease us

Chris O'Carroll


Dreams & Wishes & the Plain Truth

The man you dreamed up
was like an animal, a confused,
restless animal that didn't know
what it was.

Kimberly Townsend Palmer


via dolorosa

no easter bunny
and no eggs
just confesión
y comunión

Silvia Antonia Brandon Pérez


Life of the Poet

Stalks of maize unnerve the fields.
Faces are sitting down to bread and wine.

Sam Rasnake


While I Was In Providence

While I was away
he couldn't bear
looking at my mother
across the room on the wall

Shelly Reed


Rubble, Barn Style

But it is here that iron
and wood trade final secrets.
Under rust's thickest scab
the metal keeps its black shine

Tom Sheehan


flora, fauna, eros

once she moved according
to such regnant certainties
as clock the cycles of flowers

Francis D. Smith


Two Poems

We are stubble standing spared
paralyzed by the terror of field mice
awakened to a world with no sky

Anthony Stephens


Two Poems

i would have woken in the arms of a stranger
had i slept at all
one more slice of my diminishing heart
doled out like birthday cake

Penelope Talbert


Two Poems

I dissolve you into fluid dreams
where tiny bird bones
float in pretty lily songs.



Uninvited Thoughts Intruding

As thoughts tend to do, it didn't knock.
It just came in and made itself at home

Liam Wilkinson


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