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- M -

Maahs, Alice
Marigold Crowns: Fighting for a Personal Theology Nonfiction, October/November 2004
Macarty, Jami
Pieces Poetry, April/May 2008
Inside Poetry, July/August 2009
MacAvoy, Sheila
They Are Kept Forever Fiction, October/November 2011
MacEnulty, Pat
Fire and Light Fiction, June 1997
Machado, Aditi
Spotlight Author Poetry, April/May 2009
Mack, Elizabeth
Memorial Day Travel, October/November 2008
Mackey, Pete
The Magnolia Poetry, July/August 2021
Maclean, Roderick
My Expatriate Lover Will Meet Me At Pizza Hut Fiction, January/February 2003
Mager, Don
Spotlight Author Poetry, November 1996
Five Poems Poetry, March 1997
Grace Williams: Ballads for Orchestra Music Column, June 1997
Tan Dun - Ghost Opera for String Quartet / Pipa - Kronos Quartet with Wu Man Music Column, July 1997
Elsewhere Poetry, July 1997
The Krenek Sestinas Poetry, January/February 1998
Voices of Self-Exile Music Column, January/February 1999
Akhmatova (An Opera in Three Acts and an Epilogue) Miscellany, April/May 2004
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2007
Magoon, Mark
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2014
On Innocence Poetry, April/May 2016
Mahoney, Sean
A Week into the Fall Poetry, July/August 2013
maiti, prasenjit
Diamonds Poetry, January/February 2002
Maizes, Rachel
Retardo Fiction, January/February 2008
Malakin, Rupan
Stillborn Fiction, July/August 2011
Malaspina, Ann
The Coyote Poetry, April/May 2018
Mallamo, PD
Spotlight Author Fiction, October/November 2012
Malloy, Louis
Jailhouse, Jailhouse Fiction, July/August 2004
The Easter Men Fiction, July/August 2006
Three Fish, Gin, Wild Plums Fiction, January/February 2009
Malloy, Mike
The Kinoapparat Fiction, April/May 2017
Maltezos, Antonios
Marmot Fiction, January/February 2006
Mandelberg, John
The Scarampella Cello Fiction, October/November 2019
Mangla, Ravi
Dale Fiction, April/May 2008
Mani, Inderjeet
Onya: An Artist Not Forgotten Fiction, April/May 2012
Genes Fiction, January/February 2017
Mann, Joy Hewitt
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2000
Mantine, Ada
The Postsapien Fiction, July/August 2007
Manuel, Will
A Bone to Pick with Bowling for Columbine Miscellany, January/February 2004
Maolalai, D.S.
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2019
Old Garden Fences Poetry, January/February 2021
Marcus, Adam
Personal Assets Fiction, April/May 1999
Happenings Fiction, July/August 2004
Marek, Jayne
In My Arms Poetry, January/February 2020
Margolis, Eric
Taste of Tangerine Fiction, July/August 2019
Marie, Tracie
there's always a goodbye Poetry, April/May 2019
Marinelli, Victoria
The Mannequin Nonfiction, April/May 2005
Marino, Elizabeth
Poem for Vietnamese Reunification Day 2017 Poetry, October/November 2017
Mark, Rebecca
Of Good Courage Fiction, April/May 2019
Markus, Peter
Mud Dog Fiction, April/May 2004
Marlowe, Marianna
The Raffle Prize Winner Nonfiction, January/February 2021
Marmol, Alissa
The Truth in Folklore Poetry, July/August 2017
Maroney, Eric
The Incorrupt Body of Carlo Busso Fiction, July/August 2010
EcoDao Fiction, July/August 2020
Marrall, Phoebe
Said to a Drowned Daddy Longlegs Poetry, January/February 2020
Marshall, Robert
My Bad Fiction, April/May 2015
Marshfield, Alan
A Man of Parts Fiction, October/November 2011
Marston, Adam
Bones Fiction, January/February 2010
Martin, Clare L.
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2008
Martin, John
Hot Springs Fiction, October/November 2017
Massengill, David
Spotlight Author Fiction, October/November 2006
The Librarian and Reinaldo Arenas Fiction, October/November 2007
Massey, Edward
She Never Said No Fiction, April/May 2012
Mathews, David
Porphyria Poetry, July/August 2013
Mothballs Poetry, October/November 2013
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2014
Ragnarok Poetry, October/November 2014
Two Poems Fiction, October/November 2014
The Fugitive Whaler, 1850 Poetry, January/February 2015
Ghost of My Grandfather Poetry, April/May 2015
Butter Fairies Poetry, July/August 2015
Summer Solstice Poetry, October/November 2015
Midnight Solace Poetry, January/February 2016
American Corrido Poetry, April/May 2016
All Things Are Possible For One Who Believes Poetry, July/August 2016
Wisconsin Farm Corn Maze Poetry, July/August 2016
When You Cannot Ask for Directions Poetry, April/May 2017
Whitman on the Bank of Lethe Poetry, July/August 2017
New Self Portrait Poetry, July/August 2017
Driving South on I-55 Poetry, January/February 2018
When Valentine's Day Falls on Ash Wednesday Poetry, April/May 2018
The Day My Mother Met Neko Case Poetry, April/May 2018
A Phone Call from the Grave Poetry, July/August 2018
Cruising on I-74 to Firefly Farms Poetry, October/November 2018
Back When Chicago Bars All Had Old Style Signs Hanging Outside Poetry, July/August 2019
A Letter to Somebody Hurtful That Will Never Get It Poetry, October/November 2019
Airport Motel Haibun Poetry, January/February 2020
Chimneys in Winter Poetry, April/May 2020
Walking Toddy to Mail a Letter Poetry, July/August 2020
Mathews, Sharon
New Self Portrait Poetry, July/August 2017
The Day My Mother Met Neko Case Poetry, April/May 2018
A Phone Call from the Grave Poetry, July/August 2018
Mathis, Tyler M.
Stung Fiction (Novella), October/November 2009
Matic, Svetlana
My View Poetry, July/August 2001
Matson, Nancy
Big Dogs and Asian Butts Nonfiction, July/August 2008
Matthews, Clay D.
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2004
Mayers, Joe
Timeline Nonfiction, October/November 2015
Maynard, Jacki
Hognose Fiction, July/August 2017
Mays, Nancy
White Line Fever Fiction, October/November 2017
McAleavey, David
Seven Poetry, October/November 2010
McAllister, Steve
The Rucksack Letters: November 27, Knoxville Travel, April/May 2004
The Rucksack Letters: May 6, Trinidad Travel, April/May 2004
The Rucksack Letters: July 18, Ocala National Forest Travel, July/Agust 2004
The Rucksack Letters: July 23, Decatur Travel, July/Agust 2004
The Rucksack Letters: July 25, Atlanta Travel, July/Agust 2004
The Rucksack Letters: September 10, Jersey Shore Travel, October/November 2004
The Rucksack Letters: September 11, Salem Travel, October/November 2004
McBrearty, Robert Garner
The Gardener Fiction, July/August 2015
McBride, Andrew Shattuck
Current Events Poetry, April/May 2018
McCall, Kathleen
Sand Memories Nonfiction, April/May 2002
McClain, Nathan
Still Life with Mellifluous Strings Poetry, October/November 2007
My Life as an Amateur Fighter Poetry, April/May 2008
Two Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2010
McComas, Joshua
Ten at a Time Fiction, July/August 2008
McCrary, Buck
Bones Fiction, November/December 1997
McCullough, Karly Lake
The Shark Dancer Fiction, July/August 2017
McDaniel, David
Image: Prose Poetry, July 1997
McDermott, Patrick
Berlin: the Vice-Consul and the Defector Nonfiction, April/May 2011
McDermott, Sharon Fagan
Crows: The Yard Poetry, April/May 2010
Four Poems Poetry, April/May 2016
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2018
Crows in Wind Poetry, January/February 2019
Sparrow Poetry, July/August 2020
McDole, Lorri
Bride of Christ Nonfiction, October/November 2007
McDonald, Leigh
Dusk in Chincoteague Poetry, April/May 2018
McDonald, Walt
Turning 65 in Montana Poetry, October/November 2001
McDougle, DJ
Shadow Water Poetry, April/May 2004
Them, Crossing Fiction, April/May 2004
Troop 345, More or Less Fiction, October/November 2004
McElroy, Kat
working with wet ones Nonfiction, October/November 2004
Laying on Hands Nonfiction, April/May 2005
Tundra Child, Deep Freeze Nonfiction, July/August 2005
Bull Meadows Nonfiction, October/November 2005
Best Ever Yet Christmas Nonfiction, January/February 2006
McEntee, Billy
Sundays Poetry, July/August 2017
McFadden, Kevin Louis
North and South Fiction, October/November 2014
McGaffin, Pam
Boundaries Fiction, July/August 2013
McGahan, Jerry
Grave Robbers Fiction, October/November 2012
McGill, Allen
Hubbard Glacier: a haibun Travel, October/November 2004
McGinn, Brie
Two Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2003
McGowin, Kevin
Ways of Dreaming Fiction, July 1997
Around the Bend Fiction, July 1997
Spotlight Author Fiction, August/September 1998
Miles Off Track Fiction, January/February 1999
Acid with Michael Stipe: Athens Geo. 1986 Poetry, January/February 2001
A Choice of Both Fiction, July/August 2003
McGrand, Elliza
Jane and Ngozi by Copley Square Poetry, October/November 1998
McGrath, Paula
The Influence of Edna O'Brien Nonfiction, January/Feburary 2013
Yehudith Fiction, October/November 2013
McGuire, Mary
My Grandmother's Apartment Poetry, July/August 2019
McHenry, Lauren
Angelina Was Obviously Having A Bad Day Fiction, January/February 1998
McKelvy, Natalie
Camp Sycamore: at Home in Nature (a novella) Fiction, April/May 2008
McKenna, Elise
Peter Jackson's Phantasia: The Fellowship of the Ring — Miscellany, April/May 2003
McKernan, John J.
Tree Poetry, July/August 2011
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2013
McKim, Sean
Johnson is Navaho Poetry, January/February 2001
McLean, Aram
Home Sweet Home Travel, April/May 2009
McMahon, John
Glumpies Fiction, April/May 2016
Ghost Babies in the Night — Fiction, April/May 2021
McMonagle, Lisa
Closed Casket Poetry, October/November 2017
Sampler Poetry, January/February 2018
Day Lilies Poetry, April/May 2018
The Mirror Demands Poetry, October/November 2018
Dreamscape Poetry, April/May 2019
Baseball with the Boys Poetry, July/August 2019
McMullen, Linda
The Grimm Convention Humor and Satire, July/August 2020
McMullin, Michelle
Sign Watching Poetry, July/August 2012
McNaughton, Drew Colin
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2002
McNeil, Patrick
Benjamin Franklin Bridge Blue Fiction, July/August 2016
McNeilley, Michael
Five Poems Poetry, May 1997
McNally, Robert
The Wanderer's Second Night Song Poetry, April/May 2011
McPherson, Sarah
Hindsight is Heinz 57 Poetry, April/May 2015
McV, James
The Eye of the Shadow Travel, April/May 2011
McVay, Cynthia
Deities of Sicily Travel, July/August 2018
McVety, Allison
Shipping News Poetry, October/November 2004
Meads, Kat
Cat and Mouse: Christie, Tynan, Redgrave and that Infamous 11-Day Gap Miscellany, October/November 2019
Mary McCarthy Perfroms Mary McCarthy Nonfiction, October/November 2020
Medina, José Enrique
The Present Dissolves on the Bed at the Bottom of a Well Poetry, April/May 2019
Mehr, Rochelle Hope
Explosive Poetry, July/August 2000
Meister, Ellen
An Interview with Myfanwy Collins Interview, October/November 2011
Melbye, Eric
A Girl Poetry, January/February 2007
Mele, James
Herding Sheep with Bill Poetry, January/February 2017
Melton, Mark
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2001
The Stick Poetry, October/November 2004
Mendell, Jay
I Don't Look Good in Orange, Mother Poetry, April/May 2019
Mensink, Roger
Spotlight Author Fiction, October/November 2015
Mercel, Dave
Little Cockroach God, Little Cockroach Country Fiction, July/August 2019
Meriam, Mary
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2009
Merkel, Warren
Point of Departure Nonfiction, April/May 2020
Merrifield, Jillian
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2015
Merriweather, Eric
Route 1, Box 245 Poetry, July/August 2020
Mertz, Carole
Dinner with Zukovsky Poetry, April/May 2018
The Offspring of the Manuscript Defined as Poem Poetry, April/May 2019
Mesler, Corey
Publisher Fiction, July/August 2004
Storyteller Poetry, January/February 2006
Meyerhofer, Michael
Between Poetry, April/May 2004
Meyers, Michael K
Making Everything Better Fiction, October/November 2010
Meyrowitz, Alan
The Call Poetry, July/August 2011
Metzger, Sol W.
The U.S. Military Government of Germany: A Personal Recollection Nonfiction, April/May 2014
Mhyana, Jalina
Undreaming Poetry, January/February 2004
Ambidextrous Poesie: Ekphrasis in the Ventian Renaissance (Spotlight Runner-Up!) Miscellany, July/August 2014
Michael, Erika
Floating World Poetry, October/November 2019
Middleman, Chris
1978 Camaro, Yellow Poetry, April/May 2008
Mierzwik, Diane
The Perfect Job for a Bleeding Heart Liberal Nonfiction, October/November 2011
Checking Out Nonfiction, October/November 2012
Mihelicova, Martina
Separated Poetry, October/November 2016
Miko, Chelle
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2003
Milburn, Michael
Teaching to Read, Reading to Teach Nonfiction, July/August 2016
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2017
On Envy Nonfiction, July/August 2018
Pretty Little Lies Nonfiction, October/November 2019
Miles, Melissa
Strangers Fiction, February 1997
Millay, Amanda
Fallen from Grace: the Unreal Ideal Miscellany, October/November 2002
Millas, Tim
The Gesture Fiction, July/August 2003
Miller, Andie
Reflections on Glass Nonfiction, October/November 2005
From Words into Pictures: In Conversation with Athol Fugard Nonfiction, October/November 2006
Leaving Home Travel, October/November 2007
Border Crossings Travel, July/August 2008
Moving Across the Page Nonfiction, January/February 2009
Food for Freedom Nonfiction, July/August 2010
Miller, Chloe Yelena
An Interview with Jee Leong Koh Interview, April/May 2010
Miller, Connie
God's Fragments Essay, April 1997
Miller, Emily Rose
The Wages of Estrangement — Poetry, April/May 2021
Miller, Jack J.
Ask Al Fiction, April 1997
Miller, James
Thirteenth Birthday Poetry, October/November 2020
Miller, Jessie
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2001
Mills, Joe
A Conversation between Ed Southern and Joe Mills Interview, October/November 2010
Mills, Sam
Goldstein's Sporting Goods Nonfiction, July/August 2013
The First of December Nonfiction, January/February 2015
Mingura, Corey
This Relationship Poetry, July/August 2012
Minkert, Jesse
Another Dusk Poetry, October/November 2012
Window and Walk Fiction, October/November 2015
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2017
Autonomic System Poetry, October/November 2018
Minor, Alvis
Sometimes There is a Fence Poetry, September/October 1999
Mir, Marjorie
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2011
The Muses in Exile Poetry, July/August 2011
The Artist Shen Chou Is Dissatisfied Poetry, October/November 2011
First-born Poetry, January/February 2012
This Table Poetry, April/May 2012
A Lost Language Poetry, July/August 2012
Questing After the Color Blue Poetry, July/August 2013
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2013
Time Out of Mind Poetry, April/May 2014
The Visitors Poetry, July/August 2014
Strata Poetry, October/November 2014
Three Poems Poetry, April/May 2015
Sensations Poetry, July/August 2015
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2015
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2016
At Childe Hassam's Table Poetry, April/May 2016
Still Lives Poetry, July/August 2016
Frank and Dinah : Knarf and Hanid Poetry, October/November 2016
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2017
Disorder Enters Grade 4B Poetry, July/August 2017
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2017
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2018
Common Ancestry Poetry, April/May 2018
The Mirror Dreams of Water Poetry, July/August 2018
Icarus as Poet Poetry, October/November 2018
Origins Poetry, April/May 2019
Mishra, Pranav
Choices at a Funeral Fiction, April/May 2019
Mistretta, Nicholas
The Seedlings of Lunacy: India Travel, July/August 2004
Mario's Last Night: McLeod Ganj, India Travel, July/August 2004
Mitchell, Corey
An Interview with Sam Adams Interview, October/November 2007
Mizner, David
Inside the Castle Fiction, July/August 2018
Flirting with Felicity and Turandot Poetry, October/November 2000
Moake, William Starr
Confessions of a Nihilist Fiction, April/May 2003
Moeketsi, Thabi Di
When Love Began Fiction, April/May 2010
Mohapatra, Hemant
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2009
Mohr, Anthony J.
My Father, in the Dark Nonfiction, October/November 2011
One Year After the Break-in Nonfiction, July/August 2021
Molini, Sally
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2007
Money, Randy
Bubbles Essay, November 1996
Monger, Steve
Bus Stop Blues Fiction, October/November 2012
Moon, Andrea
The Fall Poetry, April/May 2004
Mooney, Patty
Two Poems Poetry, August 1997
Sweet Summer Sweat Poetry, September 1997
Three Poems Poetry, November/December 1999
Hot Pants Poetry, January/February 2002
In a White and Yellow Kitchen, a Window Poetry, January/February 2002
Three Word Poems Poetry, April/May 2002
Sour Grapes Poetry, July/August 2002
Moore, George
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2009
Moore, Heidi
Talent Fiction, August 1997
Moore, Lad
The Second Birthing of Young Tim Fiction, April/May 2001
Moore, Selene
Boarding in the Empire of the Sun Travel, April/May 2006
Morash, Troy
Renovating the End of Time Fiction, January/February 2004
Morgan, Dolan
Spotlight Author Fiction, October/November 2011
Morgan, Don G.
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2015
Morgan, Matt
Winter, Two Weeks Poetry, January/February 2019
Morgenstern-Clarren, Rachel
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2008
Morris, Andrew
Little Bo Peep Poetry, January/February 2012
Morrissey, Ted
Cultural Trauma and the Postmodern Voice — Miscellany, April/May 2021
Morse, Cameron
Inside Voices Poetry, July/August 2018
Temozolomide Poetry, April/May 2019
Morton, Brian
How to be Politically Incorrect Humor & Satire, December/January 1996-97
Morton, Kameron Ray
To Drink Around the World Fiction, April/May 2020
Morton, Michael Collins
Out, Out, Brief Candle Nonfiction, July/August 2006
Moshimer, Gary
Babies Fiction, October/November 2007
1969 Fiction, April/May 2008
Priapus Fiction, October/November 2008
Diary Fiction (Spotlight Runner-Up), January/February 2015
Crime Babies Fiction, October/November 2018
And What Is Left to See Fiction, July/August 2020
Moskow, Lee
The Period of Problems Poetry, March/April 1998
A Few Simple Commands Poetry, August/September 1998
Moskowitz, Sharon
Two Poems Poetry, September 1997
Motta, Laura
The Beaches Travel, January/February 2009
Moyer, Dan
Peter and Leah Poetry, January/February 2001
Mueske, Steve
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2003
Muhm, LouAnn Shepard
Nomenclature Poetry, July/August 2006
Mullenneaux, Lisa
The Incubus Poetry, July/August 2009
Mulligan, JB
Importance of What Is Poetry, April/May 2003
Mundell, Lynn
Travels through Time and Space with Zora Fiction, January/February 2014
Mungiello, Michael
Pop Guilt Fiction, April/May 2016
Muir, Sharona
Animal Truth (a novella) Fiction, April/May 2020
Munro, Peter
The Road to Good Intentions is Paved With Horses Poetry, November/December 1997
Murali, Ranjani
Drug Dogs Poetry, April/May 2015
Murdoch, Jim
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2008
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2010
Murphy, Jack
Ghost Bike at Ravenswood Poetry, July/August 2014
Bikes Poetry, July/August 2015
My Mother Swimming Laps Poetry, October/November 2015
Steph Curry Is My Favorite Team Poetry, April/May 2016
Child's Pose Poetry, July/August 2017
My Mother Paces Poetry, January/February 2021
Murr, Joe L.
The Perils of Roger Twilight Miscellany, July/August 2003
Murray, Chris
Dream after Reading Dramatic Monologues Poetry, October/November 2002
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2003
Muslim, Kristine Ong
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2010
Must, Dennis
Mechanic Fiction, September/October 1999
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2011
Muthuraman, Veena
A Festive Suicide, Attempted Fiction, April/May 2015
Myers, Jed
Schuylkill Poetry, January/February 2011
Myers, Sarah Tran Nhu An
Oceans in the Strip Club Nonfiction, April/May 2017
An American Murder Travel, October/November 2019
You're Crazy, But I Love You Anyway — Nonfiction, April/May 2021

- N -

Napier, N.K.
Like a Long Circle Nonfiction, October/November 2003
Narayanan, Sriya
Her Boy Poetry, January/February 2010
Nardi, Wendy
Benedetti Fiction, July/August 2006
Benjamin Nash
Light Depressed Poetry, April/May 2020
Nash, Lee
Flotsam and Jetsam Poetry, January/February 2017
Nathan, Micah
The Not-So-Lonesome Highway Travel, July/August 2008
Buffalo, Redux Travel, October/November 2008
Nayler, Ray
Three Suburban Sonnets Poetry, April/May 2013
Neal, Darlin'
Train Fiction, April/May 2009
Neishaboori, Azin
A Broken Bird in a Metropolis Fiction, January/February 2021
Nelson, Hannah-Marie
In Defense of Democrats and Middle School Girls Nonfiction, July/August 2020
Nelson, Jason
Two Poems Poetry, September 1997
Nelson, Kelly
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2012
Depression Poetry, April/May 2013
Neuhaus, Clinton
The Moving and the Stillness Poetry, January/February 1998
Nesta, Corbitt
Responsibility and Corruption on Elm Avenue Fiction, July/August 2005
Newton, Stephen
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2003
Nezirovic, Elvedin
The Nut Tree Poetry, October/November 2010
Nicholas, Brenda
Depression Shows Up Like a Pimple-Spotted Teen Poetry, April/May 2019
Nidamboor, Rajgopal
Cultivating Science: More than Cause, Effect Miscellany, January/February 2003
No Matter? Never Mind! Miscellany, July/August 2003
Of Lyricism and Literary Sensibility Miscellany, October/November 2003
In the Precincts of Duality Miscellany, April/May 2004
Nighbert, Sean
In a Freak Show Fiction, November/December 1997
Ningthoukhongjam, Natalidita
it was snowing, inexplicably Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
Niumeitolu, Cecily
farmer's song Poetry, October/November 2008
Niyogi, Ashok
Berkely Waterfront Poetry, January/February 2006
Noah, Stanley M.
Palm Trees in a Big Blow Poetry, July/August 2005
old tires Poetry, January/February 2006
black birds in the tree house saloons Poetry, July/August 2006
Nondorf, Julie
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2001
Norcia, Alex
A Very Complicated and Massive Suburban Drug Operation Fiction, July/August 2014
Norsworthy, A. Ray
All the Way to Grangeville Fiction, January/February 2006
Talebearer Fiction, January/February 2008
America, America: Snapshots from a Continent Travel, July/August 2008
Nsirim, Reward O.
The Testimony Fiction, April/May 2012
Null, Christopher
Interview with John Walsh Nonfiction, November 1996
Meet the Lovemaster Interview, October 1996
Mr. Null Makes a Movie: Pt. 1 Nonfiction, October 1996
Mr. Null Makes a Movie: Pt. 2 Nonfiction, November 1996
Top Ten Films of 1996 Nonfiction, November 1996
Nuttling, Alissa
An Interview with Lydia Millet Interview, July/August 2007
Nwelue, Onyeka
Before the Storm (My Experiences as an Athiest) Nonfiction, July/August 2006
Nwosu, Tobenna
Piano Lessons Fiction, July/August 2018
Nyren, Chuck
You're All Going to Die Fiction/Humor & Satire, May 1997
Yackers Humor & Satire, March/April 1998
A Minimalist Afflatus Miscellany, October/November 1998
Nwachukwu, Iheoma
The Seven-Thousand-Year-Old Spirit Fiction, July/August 2013

- O -

Oberhansly, Dianne
My Insomnia Poetry, July/August 2013
O'Brien, Aidan
The Hierophant Fiction, October/November 2018
O'Brien, Tony
Kafka on Everything Travel, October/November 2008
O'Callaghan, Billy
Prayer Poetry, October/November 2004
O'Carroll, Chris
Tao Poetry, July/August 2001
Return with a Snau Poetry, January/February 2002
O'Connell, Gerald
Spotlight Artist Philosophy and Art, January/February 1998
O'Cuinn, Kevin
Coffee and Eyelashes, a Story of Budapest Travel, July/August 2005
O'Doherty, Susan
From the Diary of Ethel Muggs Fiction, October/November 2005
O'Donovan, Peter
The Anchovy — Poetry, April/May 2021
O'Driscoll, M.M. (Mike)
Dancing With Creation Fiction, August 1997
The Facts in the Case of Mr. P— Fiction, July/August 2003
Oduobuk, Crispin
Time Must Wait Fiction, January/February 2003
Parcel of Trouble Fiction, April/May 2004
Tie Day Fiction, July/August 2005
Superlover Fiction, April/May 2006
The Wise Thing Fiction, October/November 2011
Oerke, Andrew
In the Museum Poetry, April/May 2010
Oestreich, David
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2009
Having Forgotten My Notebook Poetry, July/August 2011
Two Poems Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
Ten Years Later Poetry, July/August 2014
Cosmos Poetry, April/May 2015
The Juncos Return to Northwest Ohio Poetry, January/February 2016
Ofner, Terry
Side Effects (a Haibun) Humor and Satire, July/August 2015
Lento Poetry, April/May 2016
Ogunlesi, Tolu
Learning Painting Poetry, October/November 2004
Between Sagamu and Samarkand's Tree (Snapshots from a Nigerian Funeral Nonfiction, October/November 2007
Ohlsen, Rebecca A.
To Blot Out All the Stars Fiction, October/November 2001
Numb Fiction, October/November 2001
Ohmart, Ben
3712 Drama, October 1996
The Area Around Fiction, October 1996
Three Poems Poetry, June 1997
Okaji, Robert
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2014
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2016
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2017
Ghazal to the Night Poetry, July/August 2018
Okoro, Dike
An Interview with Kobus Moolman Interview, January/February 2020
Okpalugo-Nwajiaku, Jill
Psuedo-Heaven Fiction, April/May 2010
Okwoche, Esame
The Okani-Nkam Modern Day Project Fiction, July/August 2012
Okwuje, Israel
Exfoliation Fiction, July/August 2015
Olin, Marlene
PROCEED WITH CAUTION Fiction, July/August 2017
Travels in the Serengeti Travel, April/May 2018
Revelation Fiction, April/May 2020
Dear Phil Humor and Satire, January/February 2021
Olivas, Daniel A.
Gato Poetry, October/November 2001
Oliver, Jennifer
Two Poems Poetry, September 1997
Olman, Ezra
Checkpoint Fiction, Jan/Feb 2000
Olson, D.L.
Hope Chest Fiction, August/September 1998
O'Neill, Gina
Collateral Poetry, October/November 2015
Elegy for My Hydrangea Bush Poetry, April/May 2016
Chapstick Hypnosis Poetry, January/February 2017
O'Neill, Susan
A Conversation about War and Publishing with Jasmina Dervisevic-Cesic Interview, January/February 2007
O'Reilly, Nathanael
Departed — Poetry, April/May 2021
Orlet, Christopher
The Lost Liver Fiction, January/February 2001
The Belles of St. Mary's Fiction, July/August 2004
Orme, Timothy David
Why I Love Gay Men Nonfiction, January/February 2006
Ortiz, Radames
Four Poems — Poetry, October/November 2000
Ossello, Judy
The 11th Arrondissement Fiction, June/July 1998
O'Steen, Ken
Le Freak Fiction, January/February 2020
O'Toole, John
Crazy Looking Woman There Fiction, January/February 2004
Otsuji, Derek N.
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2011
Ottman, Ana
Second Fiddle Fiction, July/August 2015
Otukwu, Okechukwu
An Occurrence at School Fiction, April/May 2012
Overmire, Laurence
Nuclear Age Poetry, November/December 1999

- P -

P., Nicky
Duck, Duck, Goose Fiction, October/November 2018
Pace, Richard
The Last Frenchman Fiction, March 1997
Pahle, John
Police Beat Nonfiction, July/August 2006
Pai, Shin Yu
An Interview with Evelina Galang Interview, January/February 2007
Palasis, Dimitris
Four Poems Poetry, April 1997
Palcewski, John
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Exactly Like Her Father Fiction, October/November 2020
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Transatlantic Travel, July/August 2011
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Carnival Whore Poetry, April/May 2005
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Walking in Memphis Travel, January/February 2008
Shooting Pistols at Paper Travel, April/May 2009
Greetings from Grand Isle, Louisiana! Travel, October/November 2010
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Loss of Balance Fiction, October/November 2007
The Final Coming of Night Fiction, January/February 2010
From Winter to Spring Fiction, October/November 2011
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Streetwise COVID Style Poetry, October/November 2020
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Anatomy of a Storm-Weathered Quaint Town — Poetry, April/May 2021
Pauff, Chez
Bomber Fiction, October/November 2008
Pavlovic, Bojan
A Homecoming Poetry, January/February 2007
Red Fiction, January/February 2007
Debacles and Rendez-Vous Fiction, April/May 2007
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Phillip, Rose, and Death Fiction, October/November 2007
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My father's first job (in Canada) Poetry, July/August 2009
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America, America: Snapshots from a Continent Travel, July/August 2008
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Poem Miscellany (Visual Art), April/May 2002
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How to Get Over Therapy Fiction, July/August 2002
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Worn Poetry, January/February 2019
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via dolorosa Poetry, January/February 2002
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Someone Always Objects to the Personal Poetry, April/May 2004
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Give Me a Light, God Fiction, October/November 2002
hawk nights at the counter Fiction, October/November 2005
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The Road to Basra Non-Fiction, July/August 2000
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Eulogy Nonfiction, April/May 2010
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Summer '74 Poetry, June 1997
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An Interview with Gail Whitter Interview, April/May 2011
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What I think about making love Fiction, April/May 2005
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Better than Google Fiction, October/November 2014
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Two Poems Poetry, June 1997
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2014
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Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2015
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Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2018
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Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2008
Scraps Fiction, October/November 2008
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The First Time I Met the Blues: Taken from the Memoirs of a Piano Player Nonfiction, January/February 1998
Polk, Bud
Postcard from Mackinac: Death Comes to the Island — Travel, July 1997
Pomerantz, Don
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2008
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Sun Shower in Peekskill Poetry, April/May 2019
Pool, Richard
Did I Already Have My Piece of the Pie? Nonfiction, October/November 2018
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Happy Birthday Fiction, July/August 2009
Porter, Laurie
Making a Go Fiction, April/May 2005
The Clock Has Struck Thirteen, and Father Is Wearing His Paper Crown Fiction, January/February 2006
Portwood, Jerry
A Day for a Cave in Gernika Travel, July/August 2004
Posner, Sarah
Reality T.V. Guide Humor & Satire, July/August 2004
Potter, Christine
To My Husband, Who Builds Porch Steps Poetry, April/May 2003
The maples are all widows now Poetry, April/May 2008
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2012
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2015
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2016
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2018
How to Stop Time Poetry, July/August 2018
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2019
Bell Ringing in the East Bronx Poetry, July/August 2019
The New Normal Poetry, April/May 2020
Almost Solstice Poetry, January/February 2021
Potter, Jonathan
Clogs Humor & Satire, January/February 2003
Potts, Rolf
Greenland is Not Bigger Than South America Nonfiction, August/September 1998
Jane Room Superman Fiction, August/September 1998
Old Plane Crash Pike National Forest, Colorado Poetry, August/September 1998
Potvin, Pascale
Brainworm Fiction, October/November 2020
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Black Sheep Boy Fiction, July/August 2016
Power, D. D.
Poem for David Bowie Poetry, October/November 2017
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A History of the Saints Poetry, April/May 2010
Familiarity Poetry, July/August 2010
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Adaptation Poetry, July/August 2012
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The Same Story Fiction, July/August 2004
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A Little Bit of Magic Poetry, April/May 2018
Gold Poetry, April/May 2018
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My Sister's Legacy Travel, July/August 2010
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Science Fiction, October/November 2005
Two Flashes Fiction, January/February 2006
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Poolhall Scene Fiction, July/August 2001
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Wigger Boy, Spit Fiction, April/May 2018
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Three Word Poems Poetry, January/February 2008
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An Interview with Olga Magieres Interview, October/November 2007
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Pyle, Brandon C.
The Wedding Poetry, October/November 1998

- Q -

Quaresma, Christian
A Long Human Silhouette Poetry, October/November 2013
Quizhpi, Hugo J.
The Elevated Train Poetry, April/May 2014