Henri Fuseli Illo
Titania, Bottom, and the Fairies - Henry Fuseli

Three Poems

by Ben Ohmart

Very Low Sodium Pentathol

they were cloning the great black bears of the US
and the Senate began making Planet of the Apes videos
a part of every classroom
as a lesson to us all
but no one got it
and only the great hairy dumb ones stayed after
to help the teacher erase the tapes

Fay's Brand Quality

the drug store began selling dogs and kittens
trying to compete with the known world
everybody comes in and doesn't buy anything
but thinks how awful it is for these poor things
in the eye of everyone and just born to be bred
fed the dry stuff every day, no room to run, love,
every bowel moment behind stained glass
everybody comes in, glad now
they don't have to go all the way to the mall
to feel this way

Lee Gechas, Managing Ed.

tries to make her understand, she's 87
"We only take environmental poetry here."
"Ma'am, we only take environmental poetry," little louder
she nods and beckons him
his heart breaks, she's old, he follows her out
there, so, beneath the token parking lot tree,
she scratches the rhyme in the dirt and he's forced to accept it

Ben writes: I'm 26, live in Boalsburg, PA, love to write, read, listen to British comedy and old radio. I've had a few 100 poems and stories and plays accepted all over the web and in print zines and journals. Had 4 plays produced last year, and would like to make a Living out of writing soon.


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