Apr/May 2003 Poetry Special Feature

Two Word Poems

by Brie McGinn


Riding Blue

Riding in blue chrome,
I still see the illusion you've left
pressed deeply in my torn fuzzy seats,
the bucket seats you stole for me on garbage day
from your neighbor the car man
a thousand years before

The hills and valleys of Minnesota are far behind
and now so are you
Asphalt that was bleached by the sun,
now black in moonlight,
lies low in the sky and changes
from orange to gold to white as night lengthens

In the blue chrome, the storm, I drive
until the fury turns numb,
don't think about them removing the belt
and the indentation left on your neck,
watching the clerk of courts sign your death, him
not knowing that we had our first kiss in 5th grade

I drive, until the thought of you is less


Chrome Eagle

Chrome Eagle shakes as
you volley tennis balls underneath
Wings move with viscosity

Green garden hose left uncoiled
snakes into the raspberry patch where
furry caterpillar waits upon the vine

Wonder where you're going
In summer boredom you bleach your hair
I listen to the church chimes sound

Tan in the intensity of the sun and kiss spf 15 lips
Lay in a white hammock for so long the netting
grafts to become new skin

Had the option to
clerk over break and chose not to bother
dressing for a few months


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