Oct/Nov 2023  •   Poetry  •   Special Feature

Duplex for Slowing Down

by Richard L. Matta

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Duplex for Slowing Down

I deserve to encounter the reckless person I was—
there were no limits to what he thought he could control.

        He believed he could out finesse all dangers, but
        there are no caution signs for blood thinners or dementia.

Thinned blood and minds heavy with worry show no signs.
He skated, boxed, banged, bruised, and healed quickly.

        He sprang back like tall grass to step into the ring again.
        These new meds nauseate me, ruin sleep, and fuzz my brain.

These meds confuse my thinking in many ways, and look—
there's a car approaching at twice my speed.

        That reckless car is moving at twice my speed.
        I just saw a flashback of my old self in the rear-view mirror.