Pyramid - Paul Cezanne

Two Poems

by Kenneth Pobo


Many circle the funeral home:
    "Jesus, forgive them."
A woman in a tan
coat walks with both
hands open
so Christ will swim into her.

From the paper they know
how Richard got here.
They hold his memory hostage,
a lesson for lost souls
inside: Jesus wipes out millions
when He's angry.

They scream at mourners
entering, admire spit
on their own faces, proof
that God has singled them out
for persecution and Heaven.

they say, prayer an assasin
shooting at random,
sure to snuff someone.

For Goldilocks

What porridge does she eat?
Whose bed does she prefer?

Stay tuned.

Goldilocks, Rapunzel, Jean Harlow
(the "blonde bombshell" -- ever
heard of a "brunette bonbshell?"),
Marilyn Monroe, Blondie, Lana Turner,
Jane Mansfield, filmy blondes

with perfect fantasy faces in
coffins, looking natural
like angels
(angels are painted as blondes too
only sleeping) blondes

for beaches, CD covers, ads,
videos, posters, a blonde
for every occasion, a blonde

getting fucked on Channel 69
and screaming for more, make sure
we see her hair, eyes, lips,
his aren't important, a blonde
raped then laughed at by police

because, you know, blondes are
dumb, they're funny, can't take
what they say seriously,
the officer wanting to fuck her
himself after the paperwork's over,
and his desk is

clear, the speechless blonde who can't
pick the staple out of her navel,
some things go too deep, don't
show up in the photographer's

negatives, don't make probing
questions for an anchorman, bring
on the next blonde, make her smile,
see, she looks just like Goldilocks,
ask her
does she want to make it big?

Kenneth Pobo's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Colorado Review, Dalhousie Review, Mudfish, Atlanta Review and many other journals. His chapbook Ravens and Bad Bananas was released by Osric Press in 1995, while Alpha Beat Press released a new collection last year titled A Barbaric Yawp on the Rocks.


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