Eclectica Poetry

David Sutherland - Three Poems
"... let its fruit of apron and fig
slide down, down past
the stomach's guilt ridden lining,
down past the lie of our guessing
what's past its pit."

Kenneth Pobo - Two Poems
"    'Repent,'
they say, prayer an assasin
shooting at random,
sure to snuff someone."

Dancing Bear - Two Poems
"And today when I look at how different
my life is
I miss you
my naive brother"

Kathi R. Pethoud
"There was something disgustingly gutteral
and sensous and earthy
about you asking me over and over
how this felt, how that felt"

Ben Ohmart - Three Poems
"... she scratches the rhyme in the dirt and he's forced to
accept it"

Catherine Daly - Two Poems
"The class put heads to their desks,
steaming the tops with their breath,
carving in new clues."

Daniel Weinshenker
"Uniform dusty, hair in braids
lapping and twisting about each other,
coming slowly undone."

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