Apr/May 2017 Poetry

Looking Around

by Michael Penny

Photographic image © 2017 Stuart Gelzer

Photographic image © 2017 Stuart Gelzer

Looking Around

The rocks pursue their self interest
to mountain as magma insists
but they still fear erosion.

I hear the black duplicity
of crows, calling me there
because they don't want me here.

The grasses borrow my walking
for their sticky seeds
that will populate my path.

The sideways business of the crabs
scuttle and stand
ends in claws drawn and spiking.

And nothing beats seagulls for greed
claiming everything theirs
and as food.

The hillside's shade
sets up complacent moss
smug with survival.

I walk this coastal place
of equable climate, kind topography
and these natural amenities

where I live, reminded
there's also human nature
and what I am is what watched.


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