Jan/Feb 2008 Poetry

Two Poems

by Jim Murdoch

Photo by Steve Wing

The Answer

No one gets poetry
not even the poor sods
who write it.
Besides, poems donít need to be read,

they have to be written,
and thatís a
different thing entirely.
Keys need locks.
Locks still work without keys or am I

stating the obvious?
Besides, if
you donít have the key you
can always
kick down the door and see what you find.


The Other Side of the Poem II

I am a door.
I openówords and ideas slip through meó
I close and I have no control over what
happens to them.

A few wind up in poems.
I heard a shitload of them moved away and
tried to make a go of it as a novel.
I think about them sometimes.

I wish that I
were a window, a great dirty sheet of glass,
so people could look out at the world through me
and not see me.

But I am not a window.

I am a door.


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