Two Poems

by Jason Nelson

The Basal Rate

        expired air,   this way inspire,   an end

the end   foregoing the latter or three-way back

	insoluble contain  in heads contain  dilute, alkali

negligible amounts ask for the unchanged tract

	alimentary,  small bonds wonder sugars,  burned or

products formed  of proteins,  of water,  of what's left of hello


        embrace the chemical processes

the growth, the heat, the energy

	maintenance derived a breakdown   simpler carbon

simple candle material

	protein was less knowing a certain value

valueless burned beyond the outside

I write poetry inspired by late nineteenth century engineering and medical texts. The idea is to draw from the language and processes of science the colors and allure contained within the sometimes beautiful and emotional scientific descriptions.

We live in a society directed by science and technology. My poetry seeks to gather beneath the results and outcomes of the discoveries to the equations and experiments and relay their meaning through language poetry.

A small bit of background: Aside from struggling on a Master's Thesis, I also type. Recent work of mine has appeared in Speak magazine, Plazm Magazine, Coracle, Generator, and in this world of wires and such in Recursive Angel.

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