The Road to Good Intentions is Paved With Horses

by Peter Munro

You can lead a horse to water
but a bird in hand
is worth a stitch in time.
You can lead a horse to slaughter,
to the frying pan or into the fire,
but two bushes in a bird
will stitch nine saves in a hand.
You can lead a mare to wink
and you can forcibly remove the small town from the horse
but such eviscerations will ultimately deplete
the standing stock of raw materials available
to glue factories and related industries.
You can lead a horse to hand or bush
and the mare may very well wink
but these would almost surely
be coincidental and unrelated events.
Also, few realize how hard it is to make a stitch
in time without driving at least one singularity point
into the fabric of the space-
time continuum. Hence the value of the bird.
(Just try differentiating over that discontinuity!
Besides, idle hands make light of work unless
there is a bird in them.)
Lead on! Lead on!
The road to water is paved with horses.


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