Nov/Dec 1997

Tom Dooley co-edits Eclectica, teaches high school English, and coaches wrestling in Tucson, Arizona.

Chris Lott co-edits Eclectica, scans his junk mail for patterns, and works as an instructional technology specialist in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Oren Shafir has appeared in Eclectica numerous times. He writes: I am a truly international person. My mother is American. My father is Israeli. And I am married to a Dane, which explains why I've been living in Denmark for the last seven years. I have two amazing children and am expecting a dog in the near future (we just bought a house).

Shaggy Bob may possibly have the world's biggest ego, but it's backed with the wisdom beyond any mortal means. He has answers to all questions. And he's never wrong.

Anthony Lee Brown is currently serving a life sentence at the Spring Creek Correctional Facility.

David E. Cowen is a native Texas who was raised in Brownsville, Texas on the border with Mexico. He now lives in Houston, Texas.

katrina grace craig lives with two cats, three tattoos and too much stuff in issaquah, washington. when not working on the periphery of the geek world, she works as an editor for A Small Garlic Press and its online zine, Agnieszka's Dowry.

Richard Cumyn is the fiction editor for The Blue Moon Review. "Heat Stroke" is one story in his new collection, I Am Not Most Places, published by Beach Holme. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Suzanne Fortin hasn't told us anything about herself.

Joan Godfrey has a BA in English, some graduate school—just all the writing classes she could take and loves Southern literature.

Harriet Klausner hasn't told us about herself, but she writes good reviews!

Mark Leeper publishes MT Void, a weekly science fiction newsletter as well as movie reviews all over the net.

Edda Livingston was born in Norway, spent the largest part of her life in London and currently lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Here first novel The Obsession of Bryn Cunedda will be in stores next year.

Don Mager He has published some 250 original poems and translations from Czech and German over the last 30 years, including two books: To Track The Wounded On (1986) and Glosses (1995).

Buck McCrary started writing as a teenager and received his Master's in English Literature from the University of South Florida. For the past seven years he and his wife have been living and cruising the Caribbean aboard a 33' sailboat.

Peter Munro is a fisheries scientist who works in Seattle as well as in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. He has had poems published here and there.

Sean Nighbert is an MFA Student in fiction at Southwest Texas State University where he also teaches writing. His poetry, essays and fiction have appeared in print in Inscape, Sou'wester Review, and Discount. Excerpt, the online literary journal Sean co-founded, will be out in December.

Chris Null is a writer and media critic based in Austin, Texas. He is a Contributing Editor for Film for Mike's Feedback an Austin, Texas monthly. In addition to writing, Null Set Productions (the film production company he began with his brother) produced its first offering in Fall 1996.

Chuck Nyren is the winner of seven Canadian internet awards. He is currently the Suite 101 Baby Boomers editor.

A. E. Sadler hasn't told us anything about herself.

Ann Skea is author of Ted Hughes: The Poetic Quest (UNE Press, Australia).

Necca Stoller is the owner-manager of a cattle farm in south Georgia.

Doug Tanoury Doug Tanoury grew up in Detroit and still lives in the area with his wife and children. Doug has been published in Writer's Digest, Ego Flights, and others. Online he has been published by Poetry Magazine, Recursive Angel and others.

Daniel Weinshenker hasn't told us anything about himself.

JJ Wylie is a long-time student of literature at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He also writes fiction, drama, and (when he's feeling particularly masochistic) bad poetry.