Jan/Feb 2024  •   Fiction

A Female Cod Can Lay Up to Nine Million Eggs

by Meg Pokrass

Rock art by Tim Christensen

Rock art by Tim Christensen

She felt tired and hungry. She knew she was pregnant. She knew there were many babies inside of her. She was afraid to find out how many, but went to the doctor. This is impossible, he said. But you have at least nine million babies inside of you. Her womb held a continent. She was worried. Didn't know how to buy enough supplies or where to get them affordably. She put an ad in Craig's List, asking for donations. The ad said, "Millions of cribs and supplies needed ASAP." She got a lot or responses. Most of them were men who wanted photos of her naked.


This piece originally appeared in Trampset as part of the larger work "Disturbing Animal Facts."