Sweet Summer Sweat

by Patty Mooney

Sweet Summer Sweat

Seductive summer surf
one to two
feet fair form
maybe bigger
when Ocean Mama
takes a deep
breath and undulating,
a gargantuan set
cascades in.
Position and timing
all you’ve got
when Mama either
topples on top,
as you, frenzied
stare at the shape
of what
befalls you,
salt eyes, smart
douche to every
orifice, up
nose, down
throat, instinctual
swallow, cold
kelp slug
you cannot spit

Or maybe you
are in precise
right moment, teasing
big Bull Mama
with your bright board
motioning, “Come
for me now.
I’m waiting
for you, alive
for you, try
to take me,”
and she does,
snatches you, spilling
out the sides, lifts
nudges you over
onto her sleek
muscled back,
invites you
to join her
Green Room
lucid spirited ride you
believe will not end.
The white froth
of her hard come
rolling over you, you
are not
her only lover,
she shrugs you
off, pulls away, smooth-
tempered once again
until she engages you
in another sudden
insatiable tryst.

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