Oct/Nov 1998 Poetry

The Wedding

by Brandon C. Pyle



188 jurors judging bride vs. groom all rise

perry mason episcopal saint presides over
christ endowed flirtation awards ceremony
anti-pope emcee still soapboxing apocryphal
love mantle flying in semaphore gymnastics
stand-sit-pray-heel-cry the snow white bride
unveiled like joseph k her crimes forgotten
ecstatic groomsmen plaintiffs ring-free ogle
blushing doe-eyed bridesmaid defendants (not
guilty by reason of insanity) archaic i do
transmogrified (we will) daddy's girl dies
with speak now and forever hold your piece

follow the yellow brick map mercedes benz
three-pointed tilt cross funeral procession
country club big band fandango (black tie
optional) much ado about money-sick bride
consummating light fantastic with ex-bang
romeos (does she fool around) pipe smoking
pre-med conservatives calculate current net
worths these five-and-dime shoes have had it
post-izod lawyers fly benzedrine marathons
tapping prescription waltzes on pyrite china
enough wine let's get on with the divorce

188 black clad fish and not a poet in the sea


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