Apr/May 2015 Poetry

Two Poems

by Kenneth Pobo

Photograph by Rus Bowden

Photograph by Rus Bowden

Euclid's Last Stand

Painting by Penelope Rosemont

Broken prisms on the bay
window's sill.

Dogs of dust drop
on grouchy orchids. Birds think

grass is a big casino,
gamble with breeze chips.

Dour-faced, the owl
must have lost. My aunt Cass

looked dour too,
died a millionaire,

not in money, but in her thimble
collection. I stand still

while the Earth flirts
with the sun who one day

will crush it in his hairy arms.
Ah, love! A faint smell of

before that fatal kiss.


Fur Breakfast

Art Object by Meret Oppenheim

To gain the friendship of objects,
I beg the vacuum cleaner to swallow me whole.
                                             I'm dangerous

around a cranberry red candy dish.
The furry cup and saucer shame me.
I become both coffee and sugar,

fingers touching the handle.
The cup stretches in a spot of sunlight,
   ripples the sip.


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