Apr/May 2015

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
Poems containing the words pocket, reveal, ruin, and wake.


Holy Night
Grandmother is listening
to the rosary on cassette, Hail Marys under her breath,
and a cigarette burning in her bean bag ashtray.
Jennifer Yurges


Are All of These Shovels Our Shovels?
We are not ourselves at the dinner table.
We are musical instruments, and animals,
and abstract ideas we can't explain.
Jessy Randall


Berry Land
before they descended on foot, the donkey
loosed into the sun, when the lavender
again became safe
Don Pomerantz


Drug Dogs
You were afraid of dogs since the day a stray
chased you (then a six-year-old eating a tomato
sandwich on your way to abacus classes)
Ranjani Murali


Two Poems
He melted into a shadow
behind his house but still I heard his rake scratch.
Christine Potter


Three Poems (Spotlight Author Runner-Up!)
That day, I dropped the hay rake
where I stood and walked away
toward the edge of the world
Marjorie Mir


Lost to Lewy Body
In the dark, a visceral calm
Spiraling lead sailing unsheathed
Enter the shoulder, exit the palm
John Grabski


A Lovely Emaciation
the sulking sun
begins to linger along its daily arc, fleshing the planet out
of its thin melancholy ache
Danny Earl Simmons


35th Anniversary Cruise
She married the slot machines,
and he, plumbing; but no more.
Nicole Borg


Two Poems
Birds think
grass is a big casino,
gamble with breeze chips.
Kenneth Pobo


Portraits 101
No need to coerce
the proportions. Just capture the shapes
and shadows
Greta Bolger


The End Of The World
Oh and it sure was the end of something
because the birds started cawing
and everyone cried on their phones with their moms
Noah Engel


here, where striders glide the glaze
above a bed of leaves' unmaking, where
salamander larvae slip their jellied orbs
David Oestreich


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