Oct/Nov 2020 Poetry Special Feature

Streetwise COVID Style

by Martha Patterson

Streetwise COVID Style

The cooler weather in October
Makes Louise dress up for fun,
And I'll join her, feeling free
In these pandemic days.

Louise, divorced and angry,
Likes meeting men who, wisely,
Love her taste and savvy thrift—
Don't criticize her, silly boys!

With metallic silver sneakers, masks,
And tights of Argyle green,
We're smart and foxy girls who
Dream, my friend Louise and I.

Punkish, post-Millennial taste?
I say, "Check"—our badass clothes
Were mixed-and-matched, and
Bought real cheap with thrift.

So are we vain to think we out-do
Modern movie queens?—You bet we'll
Dance our COVID-minded, quarantined
Hearts out in streetwise autumn style.


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