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Two Poems

by Paul Kloppenborg


falling in love, you walk on cloud 9
painted pink in morning sunshine

what I mean to say is,
that all things considered,
you are a breath of fresh air,
and I, a bundle of nerves
am only too glad to receive cupid's arrow
straight to my quivering heart

love can blow hot and cold before any storm,
be a balmy breeze or blazing inferno,
but be that as it may

each and every burning question
here is not past and gone.
Hang on !
I can show every last one of you
in honest truth
that it goes without saying

that I will love you forever,
higher than any mountain,
deeper than any sea....

Yes, I love you as I've never loved before

and I would suffer in silence
in utter darkness and with a
sickening thud in my heart,
if this vital spark were wishful thinking
and not crystal clear

you mark my words, my love is a grave concern,
a burning question, not a bone of contention

year in, year out, beyond belief, this dead certainty
between us, is now a matter of fact

Yes, love is a bottomless pit and
not a bolt from the blue.

and so to bed....

My darling..

(thank god)

14 Reasons

7 reasons to leave

1. I feel your mouth on my death.
2. I am caught on the hooks of your clouds: my sick, sperm, spittle.
3. Your bitter blade wounds the carcass of hope. 4. You are the murderer of my groin.
5. My castle of luck washed away with your tears.
6. I thought I was the wind making poems in your sand.
7. Beauty is there.

7 reasons to stay

1. I shall sleep in the blanket of your skin.
2. O the sweet nausea of love!
3. It is you that I hear in moments of deepest closing.
4. You seduce the living blemishes from me.
5. The ocean hides the graves of poets.
6. The reason I hold you is because you will die.
7. Beauty is here.

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