Jan/Feb 2007 Poetry Special Feature

Cherry Charm

by Dorothee Lang

Artwork by Ira Joel Haber

Cherry Charm

plastic was invented in the 1860s
and first used as an alternative material
for billiard balls carved
from ivory elephant tusks,

the man on the flat screen explained,
and rolled his head like a black eight,
gazing at her as if he could
see right into her living room,

right through her cherry blossom
kimono bathrobe, as if distance
and silk were no impediment at all
for synthetic scientists.

hello, she whispered
to juxtapose the looped intrusion
of her cushioned couch,
and then sat there, idle,

waiting for some kind of reaction,
for a cherry-like reddening of his face
that would make her feel as real
as silicon, as tempting as nylon again.


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