Nov/Dec 1999 Poetry

Two Poems

by Chris Johnson


An exercise to include seven parts of speech in one sentence


Boy Loves Girl

When his soul
hovered in that cool fire,
hanging soft and glass-fragile
with a perfect knowing that to love
(and loving sweetly, loving
her above all)
was his resting place,
his blue-water shelter,
the boy drew the fire into himself
and loved her complete.


Valentine's Day

Bruno tried to mount Vannah again today.
Never mind that he's been dehorned,
Never mind that she's not in season.
Never mind that she's a mare.
What stopped him, finally,
were Savannah's hooves.
A single, powerful geometric arc through the air
ended with two perfect crescent gouges in his flank.
The flies sped away from his white
stunned legs.
The ambush was complete
Leaving twelve hundred pounds of confounded
ignoble steer
sprawling in the muck
while Bruno's brother watched from a safe distance
in bovine dismay.


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