Nov/Dec 1999

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y



Four Poems
And in your dream I announced myself,
a small voice from amidst pink-blanket-

Tara Brever


Four Poems
I wished mounds of wild he chose
precision planned and walled

Shann Palmer


Three Poems
The swallows forego Capistrano,
cheeks loaded with mud.

Patty Mooney


All I Remember About Sunday School
What I wanted had nothing
to do with the privilege
of being included
by his maple eye

Shoshauna Shy


Why Women Like Cross Words
A clumsy little hummingbird you are
just hanging in the air,
waiting for the flower to come to you.

Rachel Baron


You're young, far too stupid to be in love, and treat your feelings like a traveling saleman, ignoring their knocks.
Jay Walsh


At 12 it seemed like paradise
As I patrolled my city block
Bombed flat ten years before

Michael David Coffey


Two Poems
Bruno tried to mount Vannah again today.
Never mind that he's been dehorned,

Chris Johnson


Two Poems
What strange angel
tears the wings from baser things
still guided by a light

Dan Bullock


Ruby Love
Red is the color of our nights,

Carol La Foret


Pick me out from the produce
Discriminating that you are

Lili C. Love


Nuclear Age
The child came into the world with a nuclear bomb
Hanging like a mobile over his head.

Laurence Overmire


Thousand Star Hotel, Hanoi
a Vietnamese opera where life is mostly
happy, not opulent for sure and it takes a war
or typhoon to introduce epic scale tragedy.

S. K. Kelen


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