Oct/Nov 2010

e c l e c t i c a
s p o t l i g h t   a u t h o r


Jascha Kessler and Julia Braun Kessler

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Who Killed Robert Francis Kennedy?

In the Spring of 1962, I was turning the pages of The Daily Bruin, our UCLA student newspaper, while I awaited a colleague at lunchtime. I noticed a classified advert for a $2.00 paperback titled The Ultimate Frontier, written by Eklal Kueshana. A frontier, like the metaphor of the "cutting edge" or "envelope to be pushed," is a common figure expressing the discomfort Americans traditionally have felt with limits, preferring to aim their ambitions into space or plunge them inward towards invisible realms like today's novelty, the nanosphere. My curiosity about the term "ultimate" was caught, and the price was right. So I sent for the book.

Jascha Kessler

Food, Feud and Country Etiquette

How loathe we were to make a change! Yet, in those days long gone, not only did we marry earlier than today, but life's demands to produce our offspring came upon us far sooner. At least, while we were still in our twenties. Risking fate, some daring women pushed the process off, but with the waning of their thirties, it was over, done and altogether too chancy.

Julia Braun Kessler