Oct/Nov 2003 Miscellaneous

Trigenderism: An Essay

by Darby Larson

The gist of it is this: there are three human genders, all opposite each other. Man and woman you know, as you are probably one of them. Zheman, you don't, as I assume you aren't.

Psychologically, one particular member of a sex is never attracted to just one other member of a different sex. In order for an attraction to exist, it must be an attraction for two people at the same time. For instance, a woman would never be attracted to just a man, nor to just a zheman, but if the man and zheman are together, the woman has an instant attraction to the both of them.

The anatomy, or more specifically, the genitals of a typical zheman is almost a combination of male and female genitals. Zheman have a protruding "zhenus" (much like a male's penis) as well as a "vazhina" cavity. The functions of the zhenus and the vazhina are similar to that of the penis and the vagina. The zheman's vazhina is located in approximately the same area where the male or female anus is located, serving the same excretory purpose as the anus. The zhenus is where we would expect a male's penis to be located, once again, serving the same purpose.

This anatomy structure allows a sort of sexual threesome to occur between male, female and zheman, where penis enters vazhina and zhenus enters vagina simultaneously.

There are only two appropriate sexual methods that fall within social guidelines. One is called "bucking." (Please don't try to relate this to "fucking." The rhyming of "bucking" to "fucking" was completely unintentional. Bucking refers more to the way a horse bucks when throwing people off its back, as opposed to the lustful sex of the dualic.) Bucking occurs when all three are lined up, male in the rear, female in the front and bent over, and zheman in between, all facing the same way. While bucking, the penis enters the vazhina and on the outstroke, the zhenus enters the vagina, so that the penis and the zhenus are never fully inserted at the same instant, so that the zheman bounces back and forth between the male and female, like a ping pong ball.

The other method is known as "scrunching." Much like bucking, scrunching is where penis and zhenus enter at the same instant, so that the male and female are constantly pressing together towards the zheman at the same time, like an accordion. This is considered a much more lustful and intense method, while bucking is considered more sensual.

In order for reproduction to occur, the male releases sperm into the vazhina at ejaculation, where they swim through a series of canals and filters within the lower abdomen of the zheman. This filtering process gets rid of any bacteria or particles it may have picked up, and coats each swimmer with a special armor that will allow it to penetrate the egg once it reaches the female. At this point, the zheman experiences ezhaculation (orgazhm?). This occurs very soon after the male (in an ideal world) and the zhperm enters the female where it penetrates the egg.

The female bears the entire physical burden of childbirth.

The dictionary defines trisexuality as a feeling of sexual attraction to both members of the opposite sex. It is the basis of procreation, stemming from as far back as Adam, Eve, and Aiden.

The dictionary defines heterosexuality as a feeling of sexual attraction to one member of an opposite sex. It is considered perverse and unGodly, an appendage of Satan.


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