Jan/Feb 2004 Miscellaneous

Gender Discrimination: A Rebuttal

by Darby Larson

In response to a complaint lodged by Liliana Alba concerning a recent essay I wrote on trigenderism, I felt it appropriate to clear up a few things on my behalf.

To extrapolate on the existence (nonexistence) of the weeman, and in doing so, intrinsically refuting certain characteristics Ms. Alba claims to have knowledge of, let me say, once and for all, that no such gender exists. Implying so would render the entire precept of trigenderism incomprehensible.

The false creation of a two-vagina'd weeman is obviously some sort illogical attempt to force me to realize that my rendition of the zheman is, shall we say, more masculine than feminine. In doing so, the alternate and false assumption would be made, if one didn't pay close attention to my original essay, that the zheman has two penises. When, in fact, the zheman has zero penises. A zheman has one vazhina and one zhenus. Therefore, Ms. Alba's complaint can't have anything to do with the unfairness of God's decisions in passing out genitalia.

This leads me to believe that the complaint must somehow revolve around the psychological characteristics of the zheman. In my original essay I wrote:

Psychologically, one particular member of a sex is never attracted to just one other member of a different sex. In order for an attraction to exist, it must be an attraction for two people at the same time. For instance, a woman would never be attracted to just a man, nor to just a zheman, but if the man and zheman are together, the woman has an instant attraction to the both of them.

I fail to see how this can be interpreted as being discriminatory towards the female gender. Perhaps it is the example of one woman being attracted to a man and a zheman at the same time. Remember however, that this is just one of three essential examples. The other two being one man's attraction to a woman and a zheman, and one zheman's attraction to a man and a woman. I had assumed that this sort of tricyclical attraction was implied, for how else would attraction between all three exist equally within the trigender universe?

Or perhaps the complaint was lodged due to the strange nature of sexual activity among the man, woman and zheman, the promiscuous definitions of bucking and scrunching, or that the woman still bears the entire physical burden of childbirth. These decisions, as I can only guess, were made due to an inability to make it work any other way, mechanically.

In conclusion, when the God of the Trigender World constructed his/her/zher way of life, he/she/zhe spent eons coming up with a way to make all three genders as equal as possible. If the result was that they were not created equal, than it was a failure on his/her/zher part to think of a better way while still maintaining a certain tangibility of the entire system, and not as a result of ignorance, or "seeing things from a unilateral perspective" as one might say.


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