Jan/Feb 2001  •   Poetry

Two Poems

by Annette Marie Hyder

Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Your faith
like a sponge growing heavier
with each drop of wonder
you drink in

wipes away all stains for you.

If you were to wring it out
would that effluence
rinse away my own

Here is what my faith is:
the knowledge that terry cloth,
paper towels, absorbent fabric
will all drink thirstily

concomitant with a dread of spilling.


Gordian Knot

My desire,
like a velvet drawstring purse,
violet with golden cords
to dangle by,
is open to you.

Observe, how it holds
the sea; salt fish, loaves
that multiply,
all that you could need.

If I close it to you,
am I then a desert
barren and empty
to be crossed
at all costs?

And what will you use
to sever
the tangled skein
of its Gordian knot?