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- V -

Vaknin, Sam
A Hundred Children Poetry, January/February 2001
Valencia, Andrew
Minor Fall, Major Lift Fiction, July/August 2013
Valvis, James
For a Girl Whose Name I Can't Quite Remember Poetry, July/August 2010
Everything that Rises Must Diverge Poetry, July/August 2011
Van Cleave, Steve
Two Poems Poetry, March/April 1998
Van Kerckhove, Michael A.
Other Me Can Sing Poetry, October/November 2017
Van Kirk, John
Hostelería La Fantasía Fiction, October/November 2018
Cold War Catechism Miscellany, October/November 2018
VanOosting, James
I'd Never Even Heard of "Diversity" Nonfiction, October/November 2017
Van Orman, Jennifer
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2008
Van Sise, B.A.
No One's From Nowhere Travel, July/August 2019
Van Slembrouck, Jane
My Helen Keller Nonfiction, January/February 2017
Van Zant, Frank
Sinatra, 5.15.98 Poetry, April/May 1999
Two Poems Poetry, Jan/Feb 2000
Knight On Horseback, statue sculpted 1987, in the Hofstra Commons, summer Poetry, January/February 2001
VanBuren, Jennifer
New Borders Poetry, January/February 2006
VanCalbergh, Michael
Dear Kristen, Poetry, October/November 2009
Vardaman, Wendy
An Interview with Farideh Hassanzadeh-Mostafavi Interview, January/February 2009
Vardeman, David
Investigations into Loneliness Fiction, January/February 2017
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2018
Varni, Gerard
Two Poems Poetry, August 1997
The Hole Between Them Fiction, July/August 2000
Vatsa, Mihir
Elephants Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
Going to the Rain Poetry, July/August 2013
I Need New Themes Poetry, January/February 2014
Vazquez, April
For a Birthday Fiction, January/February 2016
Vazquez, Richard
Untitled Poetry, March 1997
Velton, Daniel
When They Eat Chocolate Fiction, September/October 1999
The Man in the Photograph Nonfiction, July/August 2008
Vender, Mark
A New Neighborhood Fiction, October/November 2004
Ventress, Mona-Lia
Strangers in a Strange Land Travel, July/August 2008
Venugopal, Shubha
Story of a Love Fruit Fiction, July/August 2006
Vergalla, Alexis
At the Zoo Poetry, October/November 2001
Verissimo, Jumoke
Come Away; Poverty's Catching Fiction, April/May 2007
Vermillion, Steve
Surface Tension Fiction, January/February 2015
The User's Guide to Standardized Greetings Humor and Satire, October/November 2015Pretty Boy — Fiction, July/August 2021
Vest, Jay Hansford C.
Into a Looking Glass Darkly: The Story of Red Blanket's Medicine Nonfiction, April/May 2014
Vijayakrishnan, Anuradha
Yellow Magic Poetry, April/May 2007
Named Poetry, July/August 2007
Viveros, Javier
JFK Mystery Fiction, October/November 2011
Vogel, Erin
"please consume by sell date" Poetry, October/November 2015
Vogl, Emma E.
Long Winter Poetry, January/February 2021
Voth, Alana Noel
If I Had Loved the Grizzly Man Fiction, October/November 2007
Vovakes, Christine
Double Vision Poetry, April/May 2011
Vreeland, Nico
Hide or Don't Exist Poetry, April/May 2013

- W -

Wack, Margaret
Spring Dwindle Poetry, October/November 2015
Wadlow, Trevor
A Quiet Girl Fiction, April/May 2010
Wahmhoff, Elizabeth
Anthill Fiction, October/November 2020
Wakulich, Bob
The Toady Factor Humor & Satire, December/January 1996-97
Top Ten Things You Can Say When a Business Meeting Gets Boring Humor & Satire, December/January 1996-97
Wald, Diane
Five Poems Poetry, June/July 1998
Walker, John Carr
A Sword from my Country Fiction, April/May 2010
Walker, Richard
Down Below Poetry, October/November 2004
Wallace, Marjorie
Division Poetry, April/May 2011
Walsh, Jay
Axioms— Poetry, November/December 1999
George Clooney: The Sexiest Man Alive— Miscellany, November/December 1999
Walsh, Robert F.
The Bazaar Side of Catholicism Miscellany, October/November 2002
Wang, Melody
The Longest Ride — Poetry, July/August 2021
Ward, Paula
Dawning Realization Poetry, July/August 2010
Warner, James
Return to Tannu Uriankhai Fiction, April/May 2006
The Master Who Painted Birds Fiction, July/August 2006
Warner, John
An Interview with Kevin Guilfoile and John Warner Interview, July/August 2008
Watkins, Christopher
Stickman's Thing Fiction, November/December 1999
Limping into the Rich, Rich Black Fiction, November/December 1999
st. david's bones Poetry, October/November 2003
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2004
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2005
Wasserman, Allan
The Passover Pugilist Fiction, January/February 2006
Wattles, Lafayette
Outside Disney World Poetry, October/November 2007
I Can't Look Away Poetry, April/May 2009
Watts, Natasha
On Being Cold Nonfiction, July/August 2012
Weaver, Richard
Anna Pavlova Poetry, July/August 2017
The other side of rain Poetry, July/August 2019
Webb, Don
False Teeth Nonfiction, October/November 2009
Webber, Kelly
Hiking Off Trail Poetry, July/August 2020
Webster, Jane
Cloth Mother (Memoir) Nonfiction, July/August 2004
Weems, Richard K.
Q & A Fiction, August/September 1998
Bun-Ching Lam: the "Child God": A Review Miscellany, October/November 1998
Subaural Thrash: the Complete Works of Painkiller: A Review Miscellany, October/November 1998
Mrs. Boylan, Widowed Fiction, April/May 1999
Weinshenker, Daniel
Edges Poetry, June 1997
Slurring Poetry, August 1997
Striations Poetry, November/December 1997
Welch, Siobhan
That's My Boy Fiction, October/November 2009
Wellen, Russ
So Vast a Deference Fiction, January/February 2003
Welliver, Kim
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2000
Wells, Brandi
Smaller House Fiction, April/May 2008
Wells, Vincent
The Great Thames Fiction, July/August 2011
Wendt, Ingrid
Three Poems Poetry, December/January 1996-97
Wenzell, Tim
Ground Work Fiction, July/August 2000
Wenzlow, Louis
Bartender Apocalypse #3 Fiction, October/November 2014
West, Chuck
The Glorious Fourth Nonfiction, July/August 2004
West, Kirk
Spotlight Author Translator Poetry, October/November 2011
Westhoff, Kami
The Intakes Fiction, April/May 2017
What Any River Would Do Poetry, January/February 2019
Weston, Jeff
Me and Jonah Fiction, June/July 1998
Wetherell, Brad
Nips Fiction, January/February 2008
Wetzel-Fishman, Sarah
Milk Inside Poetry, January/February 2009
Whalen, B.P.
Testicle Lost: A Review Travel, April/May 2009
Wheeler, Steve
Beneath the Matala Moon Travel, October/November 2005
Whelan, Carolyne
Tehuantepec Travel, April/May 2010
White, Derek
Figure 8: Blood in her Eggs Miscellany, October/November 2004
White, Duncan
Spotlight Author Fiction, January/February 2002
On the move fiction, April/May 2002
Fire is also hot fiction, April/May 2002
The Arrangement Fiction, October/November 2003
On the Subject of Window Cleaning— Fiction, October/November 2004
The Artist— Fiction, April/May 2005
White, Leigh
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2002
White, Roy
When I Make My Road Trip Movie Nonfiction, October/November 2014
White, Teresa
Five Poems Poetry, September/October 1999
Four Poems Poetry, October/November 2000
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2001
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2003
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2007
Whitley, James
Cast Away Poetry, October/November 2002
Whitsell, Mary E.
One Evening, on a Tokyo Train Nonfiction, January/February 2007
Omiai Madness Nonfiction, July/August 2007
Whittenburg, Alice
A New Definition of Treason Fiction, April/May 2011
Wickes, Helen
Dream Poetry, January/February 2011
Wieczorek, Milena
Spotlight Author Poetry, October/November 2011
Wiley, Melissa
Falling Backward Travel, April/May 2015
Wilfred, Tori
Two Poems Poetry, April 1997
Wilkens, Gary Charles
900 Miles Poetry, October/November 2005
Wilkinson, Liam
Uninvited Thoughts Intruding Poetry, January/February 2002
Williams, John Sibley
Kansas Poetry, April/May 2010
Williams, MacKenzie
hero Poetry, August 1997
Williams, Michael
Deconstruction Poetry, September 1997
Williams, Susan Settlemyre
An Interview with Kimberly L. Becker Interview, April/May 2011
Willow, Morgan Gracye
Idyll Poetry, January/February 2012
Wilsey, Carolyn
My kitchen — Poetry, April/May 2021
Wilson, Chris
Interview with James Valentine, Director of Passion of the Christ—The Outtakes Fiction, July/August 2005
Wilson, D. Harlan
The Walk Fiction, April/May 2001
My Barbarian Fiction, October/November 2001
The Groundhog that Didn't Know He Was a Man Fiction, October/November 2001
Wilson, Eric G.
Stillborn Fiction, July/August 2015
Wilson, Ian Randall
Sometimes Rest is Always Good Fiction, January/February 2003
Wilson-Buterbaugh, Karen
Not by Choice Miscellany, January/February 2002
Wilson, Leonore
The Snake Poetry, January/February 2007
Windus, Karen
Thanksgiving Poetry, July/August 2016
Winter, Wayne
Canning Poetry, December/January 1996-97
Winward, Shannon Connor
Paracusia Poetry, January/Feburary 2013
Wise, Guinotte
Visualizing Nonfiction, April/May 2019
To Live and Die in LA — Nonfiction, July/August 2021
Wise, Ramsay
Gooseberries Poetry, January/February 2014
Wiseman, Laura Madeline
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 2010
Wissman, Omer
Non-Denominational Game Show Humor & Satire, January/February 2021
Woda, Maddie
Love Is a Burnin' Thing Poetry, July/August 2017
Wolborsky, Paul
One Way Ticket Humor & Satire, March/April 1998
Wolfe, J. Kevin
The Fiddler and His Lady Poetry, March/April 1998
Wolff, Elana
After Kafka in Berlin Nonfiction, January/February 2020
Wolfkill, Bob
The Fire, the Word, the Unfilled Poetry, July/August 2001
Wollin, Matthew
Airports Nonfiction, July/August 2012
Wolter, Leslie A.
The Lens of Memory Nonfiction, April/May 2006
Wong, Jenny
To My Dentist's Goldfish Poetry, April/May 2018
Wood, Molara
The Lost Seed Poetry, July/August 2005
Kelemo's Woman Fiction, July/August 2007
Woodford, Annie
Her Story in Parts Poetry, January/February 2001
Woodman, Wells
Guidelines for Submitting Your Query to Our High-Powered Literary Agency Humor and Satire, January/February 2018
Woods, Michael
Reasons to Wake up Long before Morning, Homesick Poetry, January/February 2016
Wormhoudt, Daniel
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2013
Wray, Ginny
In the Garden Poetry, January/February 2002
Solitaire of Love Miscellany, April/May 2002
Blind Girl Blues Poetry, January/February 2003
Wright, Jim
The Awful Daring of a Moment's Surrender Fiction, November/December 1999
Wright, William Winfield
Three Poems Poetry, January/February 2006
Wroblewski, Grzegorz
A Business Trip Poetry, January/February 2006
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2006
Spotlight Author Poetry, October/November 2007
Two Poems Poetry, January/February 2009
Wuori, G.K.
The Fancypants Rosary Company Fiction, January/February 2007
Bones Do All of the Hard Work of the Body with Very Little Thanks Fiction, January/February 2008
Getting Lost In A Blizzard Can Sometimes Lead To Strange Occurrences With Good Men Who Ought Not To Be Trusted Fiction, April/May 2010
Sasha, That Night Fiction, July/August 2012
I've Always Thought Marjorie Was Okay Fiction, October/November 2013
Wylie, J. J.
On Eavesdropping, or, Can You Hear Who You Are? Nonfiction, May 1997

- Y -

Yarnall, Cassandra
Three Poems Poetry, April/May 2017
Yates, J. Michael
Two Poems Poetry, October/November 1998
Yeatman, Rob
Three Poems Poetry, July/August 2003
Yenser, Becca
Reading the Kingdom Fiction, October/November 2016
Young, Brigit Kelly
Spotlight Author Fiction, July/August 2013
Young, Chris
Arrival Poetry, April/May 2004
Young, Duncan Ford
Stone Throwing Contest Poetry, April/May 1999
Younger, Jim
An Interview with R.N. Morris Interview, April/May 2007
Yost, Sarah
First Summer Poetry, January/February 2008
Two Poems Poetry, April/May 2008
When We Learned to Be Chameleons Poetry, October/November 2009
Yu, Charles
Two-Player Infinitely Iterated Simultaneous Semi-Cooperative Game with Spite and Reputation Fiction, July/August 2004
Florence Fiction, July/August 2005
Yu, Stephanie
Come and See Fiction, January/February 2020
Yudelson, B.J.
Lithuania: Filtered Light Travel, April/May 2011
Yurges, Jennifer Van Orman
Two Poems Poetry, July/August 2013
Holy Night Poetry, April/May 2015

- Z -

Zaidi, Abbas
America! Fiction, January/February 2009
The Lizard of Lyari Fiction, October/November 2010
Zakaras, Paul
Death Ximple Fiction, July/August 2011
Zenari, Vivian
Lamps Light the World Fiction, April/May 2018
Yukon Sal's Made Some Terrible Mistakes — Fiction, July/August 2021
Zanelli, Alessio
Bandit's Epitaph Poetry, January/February 2001
Malvolio The Patissier Poetry, July/August 2001
As If (Lara's Story) Poetry, October/November 2001
Phase Transition Poetry, January/February 2003
An Evening Clue for the Overlearned Poetry, October/November 2004
All Hallow's Chores Poetry, October/November 2020
Zelinka, Mary
In My Skin Nonfiction, July/August 2020
Zepeda, Jennifer Lawson
El Salvador: Intoxicatingly Dangerous Travel, April/May 2010
Zhang, Hantian
Daizhu Revisited Travel, October/November 2020
Ziegler, John
Chestnuts Poetry, January/February 2019
Zimecki, Michael
The History of my Final Illness Fiction, January/February 2011
Zimpel, Darin
Three Poems Poetry, October/November 2005
Zinna, Diane
Agnostic Fiction, January/February 2004
Stealth Fiction, April/May 2004
Zolinger, Sheri
Deviled Ham: Torments of the Damned, or Just Overacting? Humor and Satire, October/November 2001
Zorn, John Ladd
Coast Starlight, Northbound Poetry, January/February 2015
Zozaya, Joseph
The Man of Flies Fiction, October/November 2006
Zuniga, Todd
Sarajevo, 2007 Travel, July/August 2009