by Michael Williams


Letters rain from the sky.
Will your wishes come true?
Cockatrices and basilisks
centaurs and shoe bangers
yeti's and Allan Ginsberg
colored fairy books and spaghetti eaters
gods and goddesses
half price now at the local K-mart.

Take up a letter or
two letters or
three letters or
ten letters. Take
as many as you want.
Letters are cheap and
words are bought by the bulk.

Tabble and babble
your own word combinations.
Mentanor who is crexeist.
llamenu who are
descendants of llamasu.

See how easy it is!
Humpty dumpty your bills.
Checkmate your college degree.
Microwave your own definitions.
Cascade your two story house
and two car garage.
Stir and mix 2.5 children
well and serve over beignets.
Groucho, Chico, Harpo, and Zeppo
your own epitaph.

Words, words, words,
Cheap to write and
cheaper to say.
Cages to our existence.

Michael writes: I am a senior at Armstrong Atlantic State University and will graduate in December with a degree in English. I call it the starving person's degree because it's good for everything and good for nothing. I have really only been writing poetry seriously for about a year and I am haunted by the Ice Cream Emperor, stegosaur saints, the Bubble Gum Khan, and barbarian bankers. One day I will do them justice.

As for "Deconstruction" I am afraid there really is no story to tell. I wrote it in English class because the teacher was boring me shitless with his stupid, pointless lectures. I must have written about a dozen poems in his class. I let it sit for a while and then revised it after Allen Ginsberg died. I delight in neologisms and this poem was a beginning attempt in this literary technique.

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