Eclectica Poetry

"Destinations" - Jude Roy
"In the Memphis Greyhound Terminal at 6:00 a.m.,
bodies litter the worn tile floor like victims on a battlefield-- "

Two Poems - Jason Nelson
"protein was less knowing a certain value
valueless burned beyond the outside "

Two Poems - Sharon Moskowitz
"(who says we have to
wake before we drown?)"

Four Poems - Jerry Jenkins
"I wait,
reflecting in the half-hour left to me.
The sun sets in the old man's somber gaze. "

"In the Light" - Brad Bostian
"And one tender voice, old lady fingers
Clutching with promises, what bones appear
Grinning beyond the darkness now,"

"Sock Quilt" - Karen Craigo
"We are all trying
to make something
out of nothing. "

Two Poems - C. O. Smith
"First assemble the children, oldest
to youngest for torture"

"Midwife" - James Hilden-Minton
"I do not wish to die

"My Fingers Dig" - James Brian Livingstone
"With sanguine gaze,
we regard
this callow farm."

"Deconstruction" - Michael Williams
"Stir and mix 2.5 children
well and serve over beignets. "

Three Poems - C. K. Tower
"when I had the stage to myself, I practiced various faces
I'd need when we rehearsed the scene again. "

"Sweet Summer Sweat" - Patty Mooney
"Position and timing
all you’ve got"

Two Poems - Jennifer Oliver
"I see his feet, then his ankles, slowly disappear into the sand
like a candle being burned at the wrong end. "

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