Top Ten Things to Say
When a Business Meeting Gets Boring

Humor by Bob Wakulich

  1. "If anyone in this room even tries to use the term 'team player', I'm outta here."
  2. "Well, I can see you haven't revised your paradigm lately."
  3. "Did everybody get those pink slips I sent out?"
  4. "There was a crazed mob of production employees trying to break down the door to your office. I told them you'd be back around ten-thirty."
  5. "I think they should stop putting benzedrine in the coffee."
  6. "Do you have to pay taxes on laundered money?"
  7. "You have a right to my opinion."
  8. "If we carry the loss to the next quarter, we can give ourselves raises."
  9. "Have you found a place to live in Singapore yet?"
  10. "All we have to do is put a warning on the label."

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