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Vol. 1, Nos. 3-4

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Cover Art by Don Sloan
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Featured Author of the Month: Amy Crane Johnson
Fiction and poetry by an up and coming talent from the Green Bay area.

An Elegaic Look at Education -- Tom Dooley
January, 1997 -- A New Year -- Tom Dooley

The Thing To Do
Words of Our Time
Poem at Forty Five

Ingrid Wendt

Marriage License
Cat Prism
A Nib Electric

Will Hochman

Wayne Winter

Cain's Lament
Work Schedule

Richard Fein

Stumbling into Scotty's
Life Spent Traveling
Another for the Young Woman at the Front Desk

Dancing Bear

Carol Borzykowski

Pure Genius
Malcolm Fraser

Susan Carroll

Short-short fiction by Paulette Roberts

Hold the Line
John Beatty

A Wicked Tale About Aliens
Ann Skea with illustrations by Ian Skea

Meet the Lovemaster!
Interview with Craig Shoemaker, creator of the film The Lovemaster

Not for Smokers Only
Debi Taplin

The Toady Factor: An Introduction
Top Ten Things You Can Say When a Business Meeting Gets Boring
Bob Wakulich

The Cat Who Went to Heaven
Alice Ann Foelkl

How to be Politically Incorrect
Brian Morton


The Cult at the End of the World - David Kaplan and Andrew Marshall
Review by Allen Gaborro

Christopher Null Reviews:
Mother -- The English Patient -- 101 Dalmations
The Evening Star -- The Portrait of a Lady -- I'm Not Rappaport
Beavis and Butthead Do America -- Mars Attacks! -- Scream -- Shine

Mark Leeper Reviews:
Michael Collins -- The Ghost and The Darkness
The Funeral -- The Ghost of April
The English Patient -- Ransom (1956 & 1996)
Star Trek: First Contact -- The Crucible
Twelfth Night -- Mother
Shine -- The Whole Wide World
Microcosmos -- Breaking the Waves

Shaggy Bob! Reviews:
Star Trek: First Contact


Meet the Lovemaster!
Chris Null meets Craig Shoemaker, creator of the film The Lovemaster

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