The Cat Who Went to Heaven

Humorous Anecdote by Alice Ann Foelkl

"It's almost time to get home and fix Dad a good, hot dinner," June said as she herded her 5-year-old son David out of the feed store and into the truck.

As soon as she parked the truck in their yard, David jumped out and ran to greet Old Tom. Tom was sprawled out in front of the door. Tom didn't move when David stroked him.

"Mom, there's something wrong with Tom, I think he's sick."

Even at a distance, June knew Tom had used up the last of his nine lives.

"David, honey, Tom isn't sick. He's dead. Come on. I'll help you bury him before Dad gets home. You know how Dad loves that cat. We'll tell him after dinner."

June wrapped Old Tom in a soft towel and gently put him in a box. They buried him way out behind the barn, and that was that.

Five days later, a dirt-covered David confronted his mom with a serious question.

"Mom, do cats go to heaven?"

She paused to think. Then she answered, "Well, I suppose they do, if they've been good."

David said, "Tom wasn't good."

"How on earth could you know that?" she asked.

"He's still there. Every day I dig him up, to see if he's gone. But, he's still there."

That very night the angels came for Old Tom.

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