Carol Borzykowski lives in a sleepy river town built on a sandbar between the Mississippi and glacial bluffs. She is a soon-to-be graduating (non-traditional) English major. Carol works at the public library and belongs to several writing workshops. She has had two stories published in "Satori", the Winona State Literary Magazine, and a poem published in "Deep Breath", a web site. She has a story in the upcoming March issue of "Moondance" a e-zine. Carol is married, has two children and is the proud caretaker of two big-butted Manx cats.

"Wonderland" is about happens when you "grow" up. Just ask Alice.


Black, cold, narrow as a grave
I didn't see the hole--
didn't look before I stepped

Long,long I fell
past shards
empty as plastic
champagne glasses,
deflated balloons
pink and yellow,
past a magician's
empty black hat
dead rabbit,
		and curiouser.
Past the touch of your lips
brushing my neck 
a silver moth in flames,
onto barren lunar landscape

I stopped.

And Alice,
it's true what they say
it's not the fall
	that kills you.

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