Oct/Nov 2001 Poetry

As If (Lara's Story)

by Alessio Zanelli

Art by Bob Dornborg


As If (Lara's Story)

Dried up scraps of pasta, glued to a plastic
Dish. Some cigarette-ends and spots of
Ash. A couple of scribbles on a detached
Sheet--notes for the next possible
Trip? Everything thrown about over
The floor nearby. The suitcase on the
Carpet a few steps off, half-full of all sorts
Of knick-knacks, as if about to leave for
Who-knows-where. The bed still
Made, clothes and trainers on, a trace of
Smile on the face. The alarm-clock set
For 7:30, various empties on the bedside
Table. I withstood all that but for a few
Minutes, as the coroner launched a hail of
Queries, none of which I was able to
Answer. He said for her the music had
Stopped at about 4:00 the previous night. I
Hope she will forgive my rushing down the
Stairs, running out of the place and jumping
The first bus I saw. Like just any
Monday morning wild commuter. As if
They'd never found her sleeping
Home. As if so many years could be
Erased from my blackboard. As if that early
Winter fog could phagocytize us apart.


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