Oct/Nov 2002 Poetry

Two Poems

by Leigh White

Artwork by Tara Gilbert-Brever


Lemon Zinger

I wish all of life's problems
could be resolved by drinking a cup of herbal tea.
The names for the herbal tea flavors are so optimistic.

The cement life cast of my neurosis
Came out surprisingly real.
However, someone put heart stickers over my boobies--again.

I miss the "not knowing what I am saying" look in your voice,
I miss the relationship we never started,
The blond people we never made fun of at the company Christmas parties,
Even when the blond people were us.


Kissing Instructions from FedEx

It's all I can do to not think about,
Indulge in the idea of,
Or otherwise drown in,
a kiss from your luscious lips,
to touch your sumptuous man shoulders.
Your hands are larger than mine,
Sculpted and definitely worth a patent.
I have seen you naked
to the sound of papers rustling and monks riding long boards.
You say I'm fishing.
No, baby, I'm the one that's caught
In your wink, your hair, your shoulders,
Your confrontation, your spirituality, your brushed steel,
your laugh, your spell,
In your letting me be french doors.
Eat salad gracefully,
Try not to lose a piece of lettuce down my shirt,
Be charming,
Order a lemonade.
The conversation is first-date painful.
We will laugh about this in 10 years.

Citywalk downtown side by side,
The pier is the silhouette I specifically chose
For me and you.
Oh, the decadence of night
And the pretty-pretty subliminal shhhhhh.

Press firmly to secure a successful seal.


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