Oct/Nov 2002

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


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Special Feature Word Poems
Poems containing the words rescued, minority, cashew, and bonnet.
Includes a special invitation for the next issue.


Six Poems
Fourteen, tops, she's the kind of pretty
they paste false lashes on and falsies,
splash over the cover of Cosmo;
the kind of creamy-pretty men love to spoil.
Tania Rochelle


Three Poems
like violet muddled in, we practiced
stillness impossible for men, struck as we were
by love, and by the moonlit pastels
lovers turned for us
Robert Lietz


Three Poems
as sand
under a cloud-veiled moon
my lover
moves through the night
Allen Itz


Three Poems
I remember when the legs of girls
Who swam in pale orange ponds shadowed by gum trees
Were with their curves and knees
The most precious things I had ever seen.
Duane Locke


Three Poems
Draped with seaweed, the monsters of the night
lift their heads like sad waterlilies
I have lost my dreams at the bottom of the lake.
Anne Kellas


Two Poems
The cement life cast of my neurosis
Came out surprisingly real.
However, someone put heart stickers over my boobies--again.
Leigh White


As a child I knew a word for
rising-unfurling-becoming light
as a child I knew the words of true
Shannon Bell


Wrangler shorts frayed at the cheekline.
Colt .45 mute in its holster.
Mauled by brambles in her halter
Tracker Jill has lost the scent.
Christian Peet


Blue Print
I give you
shishkebab of heart, smoking,
speared on a spit;
Ben Passikoff


Cast Away
After her companion
disappears, my abandoned
pet snake coils around
the molted skin her mate left
James Whitley


A Different Sameness

a streetlamp
blankets sixth avenue
like a bonfire, paints
a fleck of morning
on her arms
Alex Stolis


a train
is not exactly
made of steel,
smoke and iron are not its soul
Vincent Canizaro


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