Jul/Aug 2013 Poetry Special Feature

Going to the Rain

by Mihir Vatsa

Digital artwork by Adam Ferriss

Digital artwork by Adam Ferriss

Going to the Rain

At New Delhi Station
the commands are always unclear
so we spy on the brakes
of an outbound train—

          New Delhi Sealdah Special
          via Koderma.

Once inside
we realise there's no water
two more hours
and there's no light.

We joke on the efficiency
of the Indian Railway
our faces showing borders
from the sweat
so if you ask someone
they will sing

          We are going to the rain!

we will find warmth
somewhere else

regardless of the months
we are always leaving Delhi.

          Some men laugh at this.

In the evening, the wheels
roar over an underfed river

the moon sticks to the bars
on our windows, spurring
us to stretch the nightfall.

a hundred cities fall in the dark.


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