Jul/Aug 2020  •   Poetry  •   Special Feature

Hiking Off Trail

by Kelly Webber

Hiking Off Trail

We were on a walk
In the woods on a Wednesday
When we veered off the path.

About a mile off the trail,
We found a picnic table submerged
In a creek.

Someone must have dragged the table from a nearby park;
Perhaps a restless group of teenage boys,
Or some fairies hosting a garden party.

We build a bridge of branches and stones
Across the shallow water.
We sit at the table, watching

The reflection of the sky
Shimmer on the murky stream.
Particles of cloud conglomerate

Like confectioners' sugar.
We see ourselves
Amidst the mirrored trees.

We return to the trail,
Hoping our dining oasis is still here
When we return.