Nudes in Landscape- Paul Cezanne


by MacKenzie Williams


I am the man in the fedora
I never miss a punch-
Line. Too fast with my Magnum
Force. Always out-smarting the
Nazi-Scum. I flew over that
Cuckoo's Nest and I survived
The journey 20,000 leagues
Under the sea, I led the people up
Through the upside-down ship.
I battled the Great White
And the dragon called The Press.
I like my drinks shaken not stirred,
My women strong not Afraid of defeat,
Submission? Me? Hell, little darlin'...
I've raced against time, not caring about
What was following me that Night I
Walked down that darkened street?
The Killer thought he has caught me in my
Own trap, but I am always the clever one.
I always get my man, my woman, my It,
My body--some say--is curved like Time
My face--some say-- is rugged like
The Sands of the Sahara where
The soldiers await my command and
Conquer the Mastermind of deception with
His tricks and his booby traps. I am the
Captain of the starship to boldly go
Where no man has gone
Before the vilagers can be saved, I must
Find the treasure, then use it to pay off
The Kidnappers Who Have Taken My Daughter.
Give me a few minutes and I will
Save the passengers on the plane,
Detatch the bomb and Hand out the parachutes
So we may jump over the lava pit,
Swing from a vine and run from the beasts
In the Darkness where the poltergeists hide,
Waiting to scare away my family.
I am the Exorcist, the Witch-hunter, the
Babysitter Who Lives Miraculously in the End...
In the End I win. I always win.
And I get to kiss my lover, ride away in the sunset,
Live forever, unscathed, because
I am the celluloid traveller.
I'll be here when you need me most,
And I won't forget my fedora.

MacKenzie writes: I am a writer currently residing in the industrial labyrinth of downtown Tokyo. As far as "previous credits" are concerned, I had my own column in a major newspaper, once upon a time. I have also had writing credits on various Web sites, including The Centerfold (my poem "Wife" was read in NYC last week), The Midnight Gallery, The Macintosh Gamer's Ledge and Aspiring Writer (my first poem, "The Sixteenth Audition," having appeared in the September 1996 issue).

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