Eclectica Poetry

August 1997

"Beauty" - Marck L. Beggs
"The risk in joy, she moaned, was loss."

Two Poems - Brad Bostian
"In that dream of not belonging,
I take the sand-spurs and the heel-burning road
Down to the land's end..."

Two Poems - Patty Mooney
"You want to trade me in
for someone who will hurt you."

Two Poems - Peter Howard
"a rattle of short machine-gun bursts:
these words are going to stay

Two Poems - Gerard Varni
"First the needle through the flesh
Of a coarse and blighted face,
Piercing the veil of courage..."

Four Poems - Doug Tanoury
"I watch them in trees
Leafless, stark and unreal
Like x-ray images..."

Two Poems - Shann Palmer
"none of it came true except we never
married and I'm still writing poetry
pulling lint out of my navel and calling it art"

"hero" - MacKenzie Williams
"I am the man in the fedora
I never miss a punch-
Line. "

"Slurring" - Daniel Weinshenker
"I whispered about this..."

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