by Daniel Weinshenker

	transparency biased
	impurity spread through
	Quartz colorless, and
	pink sometimes.
	A sucker stuck
	in a mountain.
	what to give back 
       from a source.
	Five bucks and change
	From pearl to vitreous, variances
	in a shell.
	how to respond.
	A snail leaves slow mucous.
	Hematite sheds red-brown, the girl 
	at the fountain tosses hope, 
	walks away.
	make ourselves resist
	abrasion.  Buff the Buick,
	boy.  And again.
	A fingernail is more so than gypsum.
	reaction     to being hugged too tight.
	Standing straight against a heavy wind.  	
	Superman presses coal into diamond.
	Diamonds exit a powder.
	There are no u-turns here.
	some fold and fall away,
	perforations on paper show you
	where to break.
	Dolomite down the middle, or otherwise.
	divorce less determination.
	An sudden split hoof makes
	a head rear back in pain.  Antimony.
	The ground, lattice of faults.
	A small tear 
	in the flesh     border.
	Obsidian and inevitable facets.
Specific Gravity
	Against water, what
	is the weight?
	The heavy of a spoon,
                                a rock,
		         a truth.
	Minus your tare.

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