Oct/Nov 2010 Poetry

A Dog Called Yesterday

by Michael Crane

A Dog Called Yesterday

The man with three heads,
brains, arms, ears, and eyes
is walking his three dogs
past the three factories,
beside the three raging rivers.

He has three choices.
Stop. Set the dogs free.
Or keep them chained
on the leash forever.
The dogs are called
Yesterday, Today
and Tomorrow.

Today is resting
on the grass and sleeping.
Tomorrow is chasing
invisible birds, but Yesterday
is looking up at the man
with three heads, staring
with those sad eyes of the past.

And then Yesterday digs
a deep hole in the ground
and rips the three headed
man's one heart from his chest
and buries it ... Yesterday
is a strange beast. One minute
it is barking at the shadows.
The next minute it is holding
out its paws like a beggar.


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