Oct/Nov 2010 Poetry

Gilon-Gilon (The Harvest)

by S.L. Corsua

Gilon-Gilon (The Harvest)

gas lamps planted
on cold 3 a.m. soil
footpaths lined
by children, open-mouthed
on their front-row seats
waist-deep, the men
breathe as one, pull
the net tightens
around bamboo poles;
the stage narrows
the show begins; a hundred
performers, in split-second
flight, arch, slightly
curve upward like a cup

brackish water drips
from silver-to-black
to catch the most

the stage is lifted out
of the water; children
carry token baskets
home; in Calmay,
moonlight is served
at 5 a.m., fried


* "Gilon-Gilon" refers to bangus (milkfish) harvest in Dagupan City, Pangasinan, Philippines.


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