Oct/Nov 2010

e c l e c t i c a    p o e t r y


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Special Feature — Word Poems
There are no word poems this issue, but if you'd like to participate in the challenge for the next issue, the words are gull, attic, trample, metallic.


New to Me
To the east limestone cliffs reach two hundred
feet, to the west a slim river's carved estuary
Stephen Germic


The Blue Kayak
Where are you?
I daren't call out, even as I
see the vastness of the lake.
Gay Baines


A Dog Called Yesterday
The man with three heads,
brains, arms, ears, and eyes
is walking his three dogs
Michael Crane


Gilon-Gilon (The Harvest)
a hundred
performers, in split-second
flight, arch, slightly
S.L. Corsua


Two Poems
if all the maple trees whisper incessantly but you
don't speak foliage, can you trust leafy vowels?
Michaela Gabriel


Two Poems
He knows the failed liver of the third wife
the way a muskrat knows the wetlands
Lauren Henley


Two Poems
You are
our stubborn mountain dog
and in the past I've said stupid
dog right in front of you.
Rose Black


Two Poems
As men aligned doors, rigged the long throat
of the furnace to bellow its blackness up,
my groom wrote sermons
Laura Madeline Wiseman


The Nut Tree
For a boy, he said, I pray God to be stable and firm
As this nut tree will be.
Elvedin Nezirovic


The squirrel's lived nearby long enough not to fear the now-arthritic dog who learned long ago he won't catch squirrels in a yard with this many trees.
David McAleavey


Invisible Man
joined to flaw to make
a cobweb of pain
Aseem Kaul


A Disaster
I don't know what the order was
in the piles along the wall
before the disaster.
Vasyl Holoborodko, Trans. Svetlana Lavochkina


The Lost Manuscript
But here, too, we have Moguls and Saracens,
The Ukraine with its corvine ashes;
And billows of smoke
Dmytro Kremin, Trans. Svetlana Lavochkina


Two Poems
This is the space without my father.
Don't try to fill it with anything else.
Guiseppe Getto


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