Oct/Nov 1998 Poetry

Two Poems

by Doug Tanoury


Manhattan Night

The Manhattan skyline rises
With gun-barrel grayness
Above hard streets of dull
Pavement and sidewalk where
Glittering crystalline sparkles
Speckle the concrete surface

On a summer night it wears
Blue neon like a sequin dress
And walks slowly on porcelain legs
That balance in stiletto heels and
Carry a form without softness
Through the cold white moonlight


A Walk Down Main Street

It's Sunday morning,
And I'm walking
Down Main Street
Between East Third
And East Fourth.

The sky is clear and
The sun is 30 degrees
On the eastern horizon
Between the two and
Three o'clock positions.

The light is bright
With shadows deep and
And streets quiet
And mostly empty
Like a Hopper painting.

I walk on the sunny side,
Which is the western,
Washed in light and
Cast a long shadow with
Lanky arms that sway.


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