Aug/Sep 1998

e c l e c t i c a   p o e t r y


Two Poems
'Heroes of Saturday nights, what madness
to renounce Sundays.'

Sebastiano Cannata (trans. by Arlene Ang)

Four Poems
'The candle toppled.
Vultures leave behind
The wick of a human being.'

Timothy Hodor

'garbage-bag trees and vesicled Lolitas'
Peter Leonard

A Few Simple Commands
'die like we
were meant to die—
as sparrows falling from their nests.'

Lee Moskow

Mrs. Grape
'There was a once a man who would take her
wrists above her head, encirling them
between his thumb and forefinger...'

Shann Palmer

Old Plane Crash
'But this peeled, rusted skin
this blasted glass a glittering dirge...'

Rolf Potts

Two Poems
'There was a certain safety in
non-numbers, in an island
14 miles from any coast.'

Margo Solod


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