Aug/Sep 1998

e c l e c t i c a   f i c t i o n


Saturday Night Poker
'I don't think anybody trains to be a butler. It just kind of happens.'
Kevin Hoffman

The Ghosts of Laredo
'And now he's waiting in the car for it's owner to finish shucking corn and then to give him a ride 'cause he'd cracked up his wheels in an unmoored and crazy and bloody chase...'
Stanley Jenkins

Things Carl Little Crow and I Did Together To Stay Sober In San Francisco
'Each cell of my brain, my body, Carl had explained, has been perforated after years of drinking by a little hole which once I'd filled with alcohol but which now is empty, yearning, yawning, craving, desperate to be filled...'
Alan Kaufman

Hope Chest
'I brush my teeth. They're still gray. I smile anyway.'
D. L. Olson

Jane Room Superman
'It was a telephone booth future back then; we were all Clark Kents making the undercover bid for a piece of cloud. Nobody stays airborne long.'
Rolf Potts

'Til the End of Time
'The last guy was wearing a black Speedo swim cap pulled tight over his head, a tight Speedo bathing suit pulled over gray sweat pants, flippers on his feet and a black cape with a sign on it that said, "Help me, Iím getting married." '
Oren Shafir

Q & A
'I cram things in my ears: cotton, pencils, deli meat. I stuff my shirt with books so I look jagged, overstuffed, unapproachable. Still, they latch on to me'
Richard K. Weems


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