Aug/Sep 1998

e c l e c t i c a
f i c t i o n


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Saturday Night Poker

I don't think anybody trains to be a butler. It just kind of happens.

Kevin Hoffman

The Ghosts of Laredo

And now he's waiting in the car for it's owner to finish shucking corn and then to give him a ride 'cause he'd cracked up his wheels in an unmoored and crazy and bloody chase.

Stanley Jenkins

Things Carl Little Crow and I Did Together To Stay Sober In San Francisco

Each cell of my brain, my body, Carl had explained, has been perforated after years of drinking by a little hole which once I'd filled with alcohol but which now is empty, yearning, yawning, craving, desperate to be filled.

Alan Kaufman

Hope Chest

I brush my teeth. They're still gray. I smile anyway.

D. L. Olson

Jane Room Superman

It was a telephone booth future back then; we were all Clark Kents making the undercover bid for a piece of cloud. Nobody stays airborne long.

Rolf Potts

'Til the End of Time

The last guy was wearing a black Speedo swim cap pulled tight over his head, a tight Speedo bathing suit pulled over gray sweat pants, flippers on his feet and a black cape with a sign on it that said, "Help me, I'm getting married."

Oren Shafir

Q & A

I cram things in my ears: cotton, pencils, deli meat. I stuff my shirt with books so I look jagged, overstuffed, unapproachable. Still, they latch on to me

Richard K. Weems